The airport in the British port city of Southampton is served by a train station called Southampton Airport Parkway. This provides convenient options both to the centre of the town and points further afield.

I recently flew from Dublin to Southampton and decided to head to and from the airport using rail services. Even though there were strikes on during the weekend, it did not impact me at all.

Southampton Airport Trains

It takes just 10 minutes to travel from Southampton Airport Parkway to the city. You don’t get that kind of short timing in many places, though Amsterdam is not too far off it. My ticket on a Saturday cost £3.90 one way in standard class.

Services seem to be fairly frequent and I wasn’t waiting long. At the other end, you land smack dab in the city and it’s a quick walk to the central area.

For my trip back to Dublin, I walked to the station in the rain and on a Sunday morning the return cost me £4.40. I got into the closest carriage to where I was on the platform and found myself in First Class.

When we departed, the cabin attendant asked where I was off to and since it was just one stop she didn’t turf me out for only having a standard class ticket. I was offered coffee or tea as well, even though she recognised it was a short journey. It was nice to find someone so friendly!

Overall Thoughts

Since it is a 10 minute journey from Southampton Airport to the city, you would be mad not to take the train. It’s simple all round and very convenient. Of course, I also liked the airport and its lovely Spitfire Lounge too, such a contrast to London airports!

You can also get to London, Manchester, Bournemouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, Newcastle and more from here. That means it is well connected and should be handy for anyone getting a cruise out of there, as well as flying.

Have you taken a train to or from Southampton Airport before? What did you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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