As we put 2020 in the books and welcome the new year, I thought I’d highlight my top seven posts on Travel Update:

Dear United, I Will Never Take a Paid Flight with You Again

United’s initial policy as COVID-19 swept the globe was the most customer unfriendly it could possible be, not to mention illegal based on DOT regulations. True to my word, I have yet to pay for another ticket with them, although I’ve flown five award tickets with them this year.

3 National Airlines That Might Disappear in 2020

As would be expected, this COVID-19-related airline post did really well. I did not expect Alitalia to survive the year, but, surprise! They have.

Why I’m Glad I Passed on the $600 Emirates First Class Fare

This would have been an incredible deal, but simply too much work to make it happen. Hopefully I can plan a flight in Emirates first class before you can no longer book the product with partner miles.

My Mistake That Cost Us 92 Credit Score Points

You will always make some mistakes in the award travel hobby. Luckily, the score has rebounded significantly since then.

Hero to Zero: The Chase Sapphire Reserve is Now Garbage

Maybe I overreacted on this one. With the “pay yourself back” feature, the CSR has been a powerhouse for many this year. But the lack of tangible benefits plus an increase to the annual fee makes me step back from what once was the only premium card I thought I’d keep year to year.

5 Reasons Why American Is The Worst U.S. Airline

Oh, American. Maybe United has given you a run for your money with their shenanigans. But I still love Delta and Alaska far more than either of you.

Should I Poke the Chase Bear with New Card Applications?

Turns out this was a solid yes. I picked up three four new Chase cards this year, more than I have in a very long time.

Hello, 2021

While travel was in the pits in 2020, I’m hopeful for 2021. Even as coronavirus cases surge in the U.S. and around the world, we’ve gotten a much better handle on this disease. I have a few international trips penciled in and hope to plan a couple more. Things may not be completely normal, but they will almost certainly improve.