Let me be clear – I tip. I probably over-tip, but I believe in rewarding good service when rendered. As a guy who takes a lot of cruises, tipping is just part of the deal. That said, I have to wonder at times if the tipping culture in the USA is getting out of hand? Of course, I’m speaking about yesterday’s news that Marriott International will soon be leaving an envelope on our pillows for tipping the housekeeper.

envelope plz

While I can’t claim to be 100 percent compliant with housekeeping tips at the hotels I stay in, I try to make a habit of leaving a tip, especially if I’m upgraded to a larger room or suite and there’s a lot more real estate for housekeeping to clean. I’m not particularly “put out” by the idea of an envelope on my pillow, but I don’t think it will make me any more likely to tip hotel housekeeping than I already was. What the envelope, and the internet buzz around it have done, is lead me to ask “where do we draw the line on tipping?” Who’s next? Airline employees? Train operators? Public subway drivers? The mail man/woman?

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