What is it with human beings and our need for the tangible? You get an electronic ticket when you book a flight, check in online and get flight updates all via e-mail or through apps on a mobile device.

Despite this, people continue to routinely print their travel documents. Does it makes sense to give out a nice ticket wallet to hold boarding passes and luggage tags?

Qatar’s Business Class Ticket Wallet

Qatar Airways issue a sleek grey ticket wallet to business class passengers now. It is very nice thick card and features the airline name, logo and class embossed in silver. I quite like the cut outs for the flight, gate, seat and boarding time.

These must be relatively new as my flights in April 2017 did not have these – I first encountered them on flights in August. Usually on connecting flights you have boarding passes printed by the first airline, but I found that during my connection I was paged and issued Qatar ones instead.

A Waste or A Good Thing?

A special wallet for your ticket is a pretty ephemeral item. It will be used for a very limited amount of time for perhaps one or two flights and then will most likely end up in a bin or in recycling.

The fact it is unnecessary for travel means it is possible to question its use at all. In fact, these used to be quite commonly issued with airline tickets in the paper days but no longer really exists in this form.

At the same time, it could be argued that providing one enhances the premium experience. It is quite solid compared to the flimsy boarding passes inside, which is nice. This also protects them from being crushed or folded when in a bag.

It is nice and thick which gives it a real feeling of quality which is enhanced by the embossing. Also, airline staff can see at a glance which line you belong in at the gate. This makes it easier for them to direct you, so it does help the travel experience itself a little bit.

Overall Thoughts

When paying for business class, little details like this make the experience feel a little more special. A nice heavy card wallet for my boarding passes is a good thing, plus it makes a nice keepsake post flight.

While you can argue that it is an anachronism in this age of electronic everything, the fact that people prefer to have tangible travel documents means that perhaps it will continue to have a place in the future.

What do you think? Good thing to add to the premium experience or a total waste of paper? Let me know by leaving a comment below – thank you for reading!

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