In the last of my “Three Things” posts on the New American, I thought I would talk about the things I am fairly certain will not be changing when US Airways and American Airlines become one. Again, nothing is 100 percent in the airline industry, and I’m just looking to have a little fun and generate discussion. That said, these are my honest thoughts on what won’t be changing.

The Passenger Service System – Now hear this. You will not have to worry about enduring SHARES at American Airlines. If nothing else, the United experience teaches us that it’s best to adapt the systems of the larger airline. All else said, the AA system is better. Now…as to when we can expect a remade system reflecting the latest technology….I don’t know.

The Domestic Upgrade System – The riskiest bet on my part, and the one that I have the least faith in (and that nearly everyone on earth will disagree with me on). Still…. I admit it here…. I like the current AAdvantage system of upgrades, and not just because it increases the likelihood that an elite of lesser status than Executive Platinum might get an upgrade. Personally, I think it is a mistake to cheapen even the domestic First Class cabin with “complimentary” space available upgrades. I like the “sticker” system, and I don’t apologize for feeling that way. 🙂 Now…… what do the financials on that system look like vs. the comp. upgrade system of the other airlines. We’ll soon know.

Something Silver – Yes, I know I speculated that something is changing with the new AA livery, but “silver bird” has a special meaning, and even the new AA livery acknowledges that with the silverish paint that is being applied to all the AA birds. While I think the AA tail art is changing, I’m convinced that the baseline AA livery revolving around something silver isn’t changing.

You have my thoughts, so tell us yours. What do you think won’t be changing when US Airways and American Airlines merge into the new American Airlines?

-MJ, November 20, 2013