After a smattering of work and personal travel, I’m finally back in action.  My work schedule, and yes, play schedule have hit my blogging ability hard over the last couple of weeks.  That said, courtesy of Gogo Inflight wi-fi, I’m back in business from 35,000 feet!

  1. This week, I needed to be in Miami.  I booked Delta’s new nonstop from DCA since I’m on hiAAtus from American because they’ve hacked up too many travel plans for me in the last 6 months.  Delta cancels their flight and sends me to American who operates on-time minus a short deicing delay.  And oh yeah, my AAdvantage Platinum upgrade even cleared.  You gotta love the irony.
  2. My work BlackBerry was on the fritz for a week.  The wondering was killing me.  Wondering if I was missing something important.  Wondering if I should be worried about a problem.  It’s finally fixed, and I needn’t have worried at all.  But I’m sure glad it’s working again.
  3. I’m amazed that a legacy airline like Delta has embraced Twitter to the extent that they have.  I tried to check in online for my flight home from Miami on, and could not.  A quick look at my reservation on led me to believe that the mess from  my involuntary reroute on Monday had knocked my reservation out of whack.  A quick tweet to the great @DeltaAssist team, and minutes later, I could complete my online check in.  Kudos to Delta for not being afraid of something new.