As I posted yesterday, American Airlines has added a new option to its “Your Choice” line of travel options.  With the introduction of Express Seats, travelers who do not fly enough to earn elite status can access better seats at the front of the cabin for a price ranging from $19 to $39 dollars.

Bottom line, I’m fine with it.  I don’t have to pay the fee since I hold elite status on American.  But I can tell you, if I didn’t have that status, and found myself flying American, I’d certainly consider springing for this depending on the situation.  Not only do you get a better seat, but you also receive Group 1 boarding, and that may be one of the best things about elite status.  Assuring space for my carry on bag is a big deal, and it’s one I would at least consider paying a few bucks for (along with a better seat) from time to time.

All that said, it’s hard not to wonder when the airlines are going to run out of things to charge for.  I do believe that there is a limit to what most of the traveling public will tolerate.  Apparently, we haven’t arrived there yet.  One thing for sure, when we get there, the airlines won’t figure it out until well after the rest of us.