There are a lot of people who believe that because they have paid for something, they can treat it carelessly. Stories abound of hotel rooms that have been essentially destroyed by guests due to hard partying or other activities. All of this is quite thoughtless when you think about it. You’d hardly treat a friend’s house the same way.

Having a little consideration goes a long way when travelling. I would hate to be known by the hotel staff as a person who made things more difficult than they need to be. But that’s just me!

Are You Thoughtless or Thoughtful?

The unsung heroes of a hotel stay are the cleaning staff. These discreet and sometimes often unseen people magically make your bed each day. Linens are changed, glasses are refreshed, minibars restocked and much more.

There’s a certain dedication and strength required to do such a demanding job. Some people even go so far as to leave tips for these people on their last day of a stay, but there are other things you can do to show you’re thoughtful.

One of the main things you can do – which is quite simple – is to not leave used towels and mats on the floor of the bathroom. That requires housekeeping to bend over and collect them, whereas if they are put on a shelf, the side of the bath, by the basin – it doesn’t need extra effort to collect.

It’s the same with other things. Used some glasses? How about putting them all together in one spot rather than all around the room? Disposing of rubbish? Why not use one bin in the room, instead of both? It’s less that needs to be dealt with and also results in less bin liners being used.

Overall Thoughts

People are often quite thoughtless when using a hotel room. I think it’s common courtesy to consider those who are doing their jobs making your stay more pleasant.

Do you do anything like this when you’re staying in a hotel? Any tips? Or are you a believer that “it’s their job” and are happy leaving the rooms looking like the local garbage dump? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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