Greetings from beautiful Savannah, Georgia. MrsMJ and I are here visiting with some friends. Enjoyed some really wonderful food at Sapphire Grill last night. Please try it if you are ever in the area. So many restaurants, so little time here this visit, but we will be back. It was a nice wind down from a very busy two weeks for me. Summer is shaping up to be busier than usual, which I suppose is a good problem to have. My booked itineraries on now occupy more than one page. 🙂 Some work, some play, but travel abounds. Even booked our flights to San Juan for our December cruise yesterday as Delta was offering some pretty reasonable coach fares. Blog worthy travel is a good thing!

Week in Review

The Week Ahead

  • Cruising with MJ – Elite Status Reciprocity (The Closest Thing to Status Matching in Cruising)
  • Dog Wags Tail But Sometimes Dogs Bite (You’ll Just Have to Read It 🙂 )
  • An Update to My Saving Money on Cruises Post


All this and more, this week at MJ on Travel.

-MJ, June 30, 2013