Well, my 10 day business trip became a 4 day business trip with 8 days worth of work. 🙂 I’m only exaggerating a little. Long story short, I had a whole thing about 10 days in DC planned for the blog that did not pan out. Oh well, I’ll survive. In truth, I was really glad to be able to return home sooner than planned as I have to get right back out there next week.

Then, just when I thought things were getting boring, Delta Air Lines dropped a bit of a surprise on us with changes to their Sky Club membership and access policies. $695 dollars for an annual membership that allows you to bring guests. I guess I don’t care…I’ll be getting into the club the same way I always have, but I will no longer be able to guest in business colleagues who travel with me. I’m not terribly pleased about that. Perhaps that’s a blog post all its own…Sky Club etiquette when traveling with others when the new rules on guesting start. Hmm. Oh well, let’s look at the past week.

The Week in Review

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MJ, January 12, 2014