Anyone who flies often knows the chaos that is deplaning an aircraft. The instant that seat belt light goes off (or sometimes before) people are up in the aisle grabbing bags and jockeying for position. With tight connections to make and often late arrivals, I understand the stress. I’ve been there myself.

But it is refreshing to see something so completely different you wonder it was staged.

Oil Workers Orderly Deplaning

Check out this video of a WestJet charter flight for oil rig employees deplaining. There is no rush. There is no stress. Simply row-by-row calm deplaning of the aircraft. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it.

Such a stark contrast to the typical experience. Most flights I’ve been on at least (roughly) go row-by-row. But often you’ll get a rude passenger that pushes through everyone to get off sooner. ‘Casue saving 20 seconds is just that important.

Have you ever had a deplaning experience this orderly?

Featured image courtesy of Bradley Gordon via Flickr under CC-BY-2.0 license