I hope you are well into your Memorial Day weekend activities by now. From all indications, it looks like a good weekend weatherwise here in the ATL. It’s been a busy week of working, and next week, yes, even the holiday week looks busier, including a business trip to keep things interesting. There have been a lot of interesting posts in the bloggerverse over the last week leading up to the long weekend and the beginning of summer (yay).

  • Points & Pixie Dust informs us about an interesting new travel insurance product, AirCare.
  • VFTW posts about a possible change in the tax treatment of loyalty points. (It is focused on how the companies themselves treat the points for tax purposes, but could ultimately impact all of us if this actually happens.)
  • VRs still live. Check out Points, Miles, and Martinis.

And here’s a look at the week in review here at MJ on Travel.

Enjoy your long weekend, but don’t forget to take a moment to remember why we have a Memorial Day!

-MJ, May 24, 2014