A weekly recap post from onboard a Delta jet. I know it’s Saturday and all, but the A17 Sky Club in Atlanta was so civilized this morning. I’m obviously not privy to the numbers, but I do wonder what the entrance numbers and financials look like for the Sky Clubs in a post May 1 world of no guests for people with credit card access, and membership rates that allow guests of nearly $700? What have your crowding experiences in the Sky Club been since May 1?

Nothing really jumped off the screen at me this week in the bloggerverse. Although Matt at Saverocity asked an interesting question – does manufactured spending encourage debt? I hope not for most of us, but sometimes I am afraid it can if we aren’t careful. Winning at this game takes more than desire, it takes discipline. What do you think?

Let’s take a look at the week that was here at MJ on Travel.

-MJ, June 7, 2014