Did I mention that my new laptop failed? Hard drive went kaput? Ok…I think I did. Did I also mention that it was sent in for repair, it’s hard drive replaced, new software installed back to factory original specs, and returned to me within 72 hours? Pretty cool, huh?

Would be very nifty if the thing would actually work! Yes, Hewlett-Packard sent the laptop back to me, and it still does not work.

Had to call HP again. The support tech took me through all the same steps as last time. The BIOS simply does not see the hard drive. The 2nd level tech insisted that I try and reseat the hard drive. Unfortunately, I had no screwdriver that would work. After much coaxing, I agreed to go buy one, and they agreed to call me back tonight after 8pm to talk me through the process. I protested that I want a new laptop if this does not work. Does anyone not think that it’s just a little rediculous that I’m having to do this to a laptop that is less than one month old?! I’ll keep you posted.

Believe it or not, their phone support has actually been pretty good compared to my experiences with Dell. Now if the computer would just work, I’d be in business.