The Rosen Hotel is independent, it is not affiliated to any hotel brand. There area few Rosen hotels in the Orlando area, such as the Rosen Shingle Creek and golf club, the Rosen Inn, the Rosen Centre and the Rosen Plaza.

I stayed at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando which is connected to the Orange County convention center across the road by a bridge. The hotel has 1334 rooms, masses of its own convention space, a swimming pool and spa and many restaurants. The booking arrangement was not made by me so unluckily I don’t know how much it cost that specific week.

During the week I wrote this review rooms were available at between $170 and $330 on different nights. The rates seem to be so dependent on events happening at the convention center.

On check in I was given a nice high room with a view to the north and east so I could see the sunrise every morning.

a large building with trees and roads

The view from my room of the convention center north.

The rather large lobby to the hotel.

a large hall with a checkered floor and a reception desk

The different banks of elevators. Lots of lovely marble.

a woman walking in a hallway


The room:

a room with two beds and a television

A rather straightforward room in a pleasant hotel.

Toiletries provided by Crabtree and Evelynn. Nice quality, though not sure why there was O Oxygen collection there.

a group of bottles of shampoo and conditioner a shelf with a towel and a blow dryer

Standard shower in the bath with plastic curtain.

a corner of a shower

The alarm with charging points as well as the ports in the wall. Nice to have so many.

a telephone and a pen on a table

Cupboard contains safe, iron, ironing board and luggage rack.

a clothes swingers and a iron on a rail

A lone chair in the corner of the room.

a chair next to a curtain

The desk with magazines and lamp which also has plug points.

a group of magazines on a table

There is a small fridge which helps a lot in keeping drinks, milk, cheese and other stuff cold.

a refrigerator with a light on the door


The restaurants:

a lobby of a hotel

The first 2 days of our stay there weren’t a lot of people in the hotel so some of the restaurants had limited availability or stayed closed. Once the thousands of attendees for the convention arrived the coffee shop was suddenly open, the sushi restaurant was available and so on.

A bit of a let down when you first arrive but Harrys Poolside pool bar was a great fill in. We ate there 2 or 3 times and each time the variety was great and the food was very enjoyable.

The Banshee sushi bar was great when it opened. It is in the lobby on a walkway to the pool and convention spaces, there are 3 different areas for sitting. The bar at the food preparation area takes about 7 people, there is another counter about 10 meters away with about 12 people and then across the walkway are tables for about 16 more.

The first night I had nigiri and a roll, and on the second night I was joined by a colleague and we had nigiri, sashimi and rolls, an absolute spread. The yellowtail was really good as well as white tuna. We found the quality rather good for a random sushi restaurant in a walkway in the hotel.

a large hall with people walking and people walking

Smooth Java coffee bar provided requisite drinks from early in the morning ( once the hotel was busy) and stayed open quite late into the afternoon. The sushi area is on the left.


All the convention space:

The hotel has many ballrooms and meeting spaces such as Salons 1-24 and Signature 1 and 2. It still seems to do well even with the convention center across the bridge.

a sign in a building

Directly across the bridge this is the view inside the convention centre. A really nicely designed building.

a large building with stairs and people walking

There is a lot of convention space available at the Rosen Centre and it was busy while we were there and all during the big convention happening across at the convention centre so I guess it doesn’t hurt being so close.


The pool, spa and gym:

It is rather a pleasant pool space, there is a deck that can be used for events around the pool. There are even 2 jacuzzis that were busy most of the day, I guess bubbles hit the spot.

a pool with umbrellas and chairs

The pool complex with jacuzzi.

Harrys poolside bar has a counter and chairs facing the pool for orders, as well as having tables and a bar counter inside.

We had 2 lunches and a dinner there before the sushi restaurant opened. The quality was really good.

a pool outside a building

A nice large gym for a large hotel.

a group of exercise machines in a room


Other facilities:

a sign next to a bush


Nearby stores:

There are other restaurants about a 15 minute walk, just 2 minutes by Uber (plus wait time) away. A Walgreens is across the road and there is a Publix supermarket about 5 minutes ride away. There is a fridge in the room so you can always buy milk, some cheese, cool drinks and such if you so require.

Rosen conclusion:

a building with a fountain in front of it

It was a very pleasant stay at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando. The room was fine, the food choices (when they were open) were really good and all the other facilities made for a very enjoyable stay.

There are various special packages and offers available that you might find suitable for your stay.