I’ve already dragged my two older kids on a number of trips, a few of them international. The older two have been to France and China, and recently I took my daughter to Buenos Aires (check out my daily trip posts) and the the older of my two boys to Taiwan. We’ve also been to Atlanta, Seattle, Boise and a few other U.S. locations.

Each time we fly, there is one thing my son does, almost without exception…

Safety First

I gotta say, I hardly check that safety card. But he does. Every time. He did here.

And here.

Also, here.

Here, too.

Remember, the safety card is what protects your head and face in a crash.

Even here on a train, we needed to take a peek.

And one of my daughter for good measure. This is the only time I caught her reviewing it, when we were three of the four people on a tiny prop plane.


I gotta give it to the kid…he’ll be more prepared than I will if we ever do have an emergency landing. Heck, he’ll be more prepared than almost anyone else on the plane.

Tell me again why they won’t put eight-year-olds in the exit row? I’m sure he’ll do great. As for me, I’d love that legroom.