I’ve already dragged my two older kids on a number of trips, a few of them international. The older two have been to France and China, and recently I took my daughter to Buenos Aires (check out my daily trip posts) and the the older of my two boys to Taiwan. We’ve also been to Atlanta, Seattle, Boise and a few other U.S. locations.

Each time we fly, there is one thing my son does, almost without exception…

Safety First

I gotta say, I hardly check that safety card. But he does. Every time. He did here.

a boy and girl reading a book on an airplane

And here.

a boy sitting on an airplane reading a book

Also, here.

a boy wearing headphones and reading a book

Here, too.

a boy reading a book on an airplane

Remember, the safety card is what protects your head and face in a crash.

a person reading a brochure on an airplane

Even here on a train, we needed to take a peek.

a boy sitting on a train reading a book

And one of my daughter for good measure. This is the only time I caught her reviewing it, when we were three of the four people on a tiny prop plane.

a girl sitting in a plane


I gotta give it to the kid…he’ll be more prepared than I will if we ever do have an emergency landing. Heck, he’ll be more prepared than almost anyone else on the plane.

Tell me again why they won’t put eight-year-olds in the exit row? I’m sure he’ll do great. As for me, I’d love that legroom.