The Marriott Marquis Hotel in Anaheim is big and rather busy. It is a large hotel with many meeting rooms and ballrooms and it is right next to the Anaheim Convention Center which means there are almost always scores of people traipsing in and out of the hotel on their way to and from events. This hotel is also close to Disneyland and while I don’t believe there are many people staying here while visiting the park there will definitely be some.

The normal prices are from $150 to $200 per night but I see there is a weekend in February where the rooms are $994 per night. There must be a busy convention on that week.

I stayed there for a week so I got to explore a little.


Areas around the main entrance:

The lobby area is rather large and everything leads off from there. The elevators are to the left, the bar and pool is ahead, and the restaurants and the path to the ballrooms is to the right.

The reception area.

The large lobby directly inside the from door and everything leads out from here.

There are many seating areas in the lobby, really nice and modern.

The bell desk for luggage and other assistance

Modern buttons at the elevators. You press your floor number and it tells you which elevator to get on.

There is a rather lovely pool which is overlooked by some rooms and slightly covered by a roof but still has good sunshine.

There is a bar that is part of the pool area too, great for snacks and drinks.


Down the food alley:

nFuse is the breakfast area, open from 6 am serving quite a comprehensive breakfast.

a sign on a wall in a room

A nice store with a lot of items like drinks, alcohol, snacks, chocolates, Disney clothes, Anaheim and Los Angeles clothes, medical supplies, snacks, jewelry and various other knick knacks.

Slice which is a late night pizza place and The Market which is an early morning coffee shop with other meals and snacks and drinks available.

a woman working in a kitchen

a sign in a building

Once you get past the food stores you enter the ballroom section. Large areas available for any use.

a large room with a couch and tables

The hotel has a lovely sized gym in a separate section to the main hotel which has nice views over some greenery but also overlooks the sidewalk.

You can see from the sign that there at least 3 different bedroom sections, namely Oasis Tower, Palms Tower and Garden Wing plus some of the meeting rooms.


Now to my room for the week:

Desk with wall mounted tv with plug points and lamp.

a screen on a wall

A view of the room showing the comfy chair, the desk and chair, 2 beds with single table in between and the door to the balcony.

a room with two beds

The balcony had a nice view. I was up on the 19th floor so I was high enough to see the Disney fireworks show every evening over the Hilton hotel in front.

Of course that Hilton Hotel also had protesters outside for 3 days and nights making a rather harsh and hectic noise that disturbed everyone.

a building with palm trees and a street in front of it

A lovely sunrise view one morning.

a sunset over a city

The bathroom is pleasant with a walk in shower with hand shower, a nice basin and fixtures and supplied toiletries by thisworks.

a sink with a faucet and a soap and a bottle a shower head and shower head in a bathroom a group of shampoo bottles on a wall


There was small coffee machine and a $6 bottle of water!  (even though I am Gold status) and the the safe in the cupboard with ironing board and iron.

a coffee machine and a container with food a closet with swingers and a chair

So many more hotels these days have small refrigerators available, a nice turn of events.

a small refrigerator with a door open

The center table has sufficient plug points and a clock, and the drawer has the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.

a telephone and a phone on a table

a book and a book in a drawer


Time to leave the hotel:

After a busy week it was time to leave the hotel.

Business computers are available for work as well as checking flights and printing tickets.

On leaving I enjoyed this tribute to John Wayne at his namesake airport.

Statue of John Wayne at his namesake airport in California

Statue of John Wayne at his namesake airport in California

The Marriott hotels are really nice but the Marquis hotels are rather big and busy as well. The rooms and facilities are pleasant but they don’t seem to be family holiday hotels, more business and convention type hotels. The lobby was a continuous hive of activity, almost like a shopping mall. If that is your thing then fine, if not then look for a different Marriott which will often be nearby.