I can now add another 100,000 miles to my AAdvantage account thanks to the Citi Executive AAdvantage Card. Widely pontificated about across the blogs and boards, I admittedly hedged a bit when news of this very nice offer hit the wires. Ultimately, the allure of 100,000 miles proved too tempting, not to mention I have an identified travel need for which these miles will be ideal.

Of course, the particulars of the deal, $10,000 in spending in 90 days, seemed a tiny bit daunting at first. A few visits to the local pharmacy helped ease some of that pain, but that option disappeared as we know. In the end, a couple of unexpected automobile and tax bills helped me sail across the finish line with a few days to spare.

The next burning question after getting the card was whether or not to go for a second one? In the end I opted out of that idea. Thankfully, the set of circumstances that helped me more easily meet the spend requirements the first time around are not repeating, which would make the spend a bit of a stretch for me. Yes, I know there are other non-pharmacy opportunities out there to help with that, but the amount of time and effort involved for me to make that happen just aren’t worth it for me. The majority of the next 100,000 miles I earn are going to be from (le gasp) flying.

Here’s to the next 100K.

-MJ, May 7, 2014