If you have a passion for traveling around the world, you most likely appreciate the joys of high-end hotel accommodations which allow you to get a full night’s rest in the comfortable and luxurious establishments in the city. Thus far, through the recent developments of five-star casino hotels, there has been an evident appreciation of a handful of hotels and through the eyes of the world’s biggest hotel elites; these are the ones to have made the shortlist of the best casino hotels in the world.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Trump Taj Mahal – Atlantic City

One of the best casino hotels in Atlantic City, the city hub of land-based casino gaming, has been voted as the Hard Rock and Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, formerly known as the Trump Taj Mahal. The incredibly breathtaking architectural creation has been designed to steal and hold the attention of onlookers. Anyone with an appreciation for magnificent buildings would appreciate the bright lights that adorn the outer building while all the action is on the inside.

Originally the hotel and casino were dubbed the eighth wonder of the world however it eventually closed its doors in 2016, which was when it was bought over by Hard Rock Enterprises and swiftly gained its reputation back through a series of welcomed developments. Now the casino and hotel remain one of the best in all of Atlantic City.

Ibiza Gran Hotel – Spain

Spain is already one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, since the discovery of the Ibiza Gran Hotel, tourists have been making public announcements of their intentions to return to the magnificent hotel built for both business and pleasure.

One of the self-selling attributes is the location of the casino hotel. It is located only a few minutes from the Port of Ibiza and a luxurious walk from the town and a little further from downtown. The hotel is beautifully designed and ideal for a family vacation as there are free Wi-Fi, private pools, gym, day spa, activities, and full room service at the 4 and a half star hotel resort.

The Ritz – Carlton, Aruba

If you are planning a trip to Aruba, you need to book your accommodation at the Ritz. Since the casino hotel establishment opened its doors in 2013, the establishment has become one of the most eccentric hotels in the world to date. The hotel also caters for children, allowing kids to attend the kids club which is filled with action-packed activities while the parents get to enjoy a day at the casino, spa or one of the multiple restaurants.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino – Las Vegas

Which casino hotel list would be complete if Las Vegas wasn’t mentioned? Being the world’s largest casino destination, Las Vegas Nevada holds some of the most reputable casino hotels in the world. In fact, there are numerous hotels which have been mentioned in classic travel magazines across the world. One of the best Vegas hotels and casinos, however, remains the Palazzo Resort. Celebrities grace the hotel for massive events held in Vegas and the accommodations are fit for the red carpet folk. If you can afford the luxury that is the Palazzo, never go elsewhere.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

If you are traveling to the East, Singapore is a must-see destination. The city is filled with culture, events and of course some of the best casino hotel accommodations. The Marina Bay Sands is one of the top classed casino hotels in the country.

The casino area is home to over 2 300 slots and over 500 table games. The hotel accommodation offers visitors a series of activities, restaurants, events and pool facilities.

No matter where in the world you travel there are some incredible casino hotel destinations, be sure to check in before you miss out!