Doctor of Credit (H/T) has reported today that the American Express Blue Business Plus has a targeted sign-up bonus. American Express is offering the chance to earn 20,000 bonus points with the Blue Business Plus. However, the minimum spend for this bonus is $5,000, which is very high for a no annual fee card.

Normally, the Blue Business Plus does not have a sign-up bonus. This is because it has an incredible flat rate earning structure.

One of the best parts of this offer is that there is no language referring to the Amex Once Per Lifetime Rule. This is awesome for those who want an additional sign-up bonus from American Express.


Blue Business Plus Card Overview

The Blue Business Plus Card is one of the best no annual fee business credit cards in the industry. It’s also one of the best and most popular cards from American Express.

Furthermore, it earns 2x Membership Rewards (MR) points per dollar on the first $50,000 in annual purchases put on the card. Thereafter, it earns just one point per dollar for all expenses. This makes the Blue Business Plus Card a nice earner for businesses with varied expenses and unsteady cash flow.

While the Blue Business Plus does not have any notable perks, it does have one incredible distinction. It’s the only no annual fee business credit card that has access to transfer partners of any kind. In other words, you can transfer MR points earned with the Blue Business Plus to any of Amex’s transfer partners.


Opportunity Cost

Keep in mind that the bonus has a minimum spend of $5,000 before seeing if you are targeted. That’s the same minimum spend as the bonuses from the American Express Business Gold Card and the Chase Ink Business Preferred. This minimum spend is high enough to think about the opportunity cost of going for another card.

Alternatively, you can earn 35,000 MR points with the Business Gold Card for the same $5,000 minimum spend. Or you can earn 80,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points with the Ink Business Preferred. These are just two other options that have better bonuses than the Blue Business Preferred. Plus, neither of these bonuses are targeted; they are public offers.


Final Draw

The American Express Blue Business Plus Card does not have a targeted sign-up bonus very often. But your mileage may vary with this offer, depending on which cards you have or whether you are targeted for the Blue Business Plus bonus in the first place.

The Blue Business Plus is one of the best no annual fee business cards in the industry regardless of whether you receive a bonus or not. But you can also apply for it without worrying about spending $5,000 for just 20,000 MR points. In addition, you can apply for the Business Gold Card or the Chase Ink Business Preferred and receive a higher bonus.

Your mileage may vary with this bonus. It depends on your business expenses and which cards you already have.