As a Million Miler with American AAdvantage, I am afforded AAdvantage Gold status each year. My credentials for the 2014 program year have already arrived. The envelope is the same smallish one as always, but I’m not complaining. I was actually looking forward to receiving my new card because it features the new AA branding. Yes, I know I’ve said I wasn’t a fan of the new branding, but the AvGeek in me was anxious to collect a new card anyway.





The folder containing the card featured a note from Suzanne Rubin, President of AAdvantage, thanking me for my Million Miler status. 🙂 Other than the card, the only thing the packet contained was a sheet of recognition chits you can hand to employees who do a good job. I appreciate that American includes these for its lowest elite level members. The only thing that I would wish for  the packet to contain would be luggage tags. I’d like to have tags featuring the new logo for a keepsake if nothing else. You used to be able to buy them, but that option was removed a while back.

So there you have it – Gold again. I wonder if I’ll be receiving a new AAdvantage “Silver” card next year?

-MJ, November 27, 2013