The most fascinating flying part of our whole trip to Thailand was the flight on Thai Airways from Bangkok to Tokyo Narita.

The whole Thai experience is so enjoyable, everyone has such elegant manners and they are all so helpful. We were pleased that the leg to Tokyo ended up being on Thai Airways.

Check-in at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok was smooth but very busy. There seemed to be so many flights taking off oround the time we were in the airport and there were lines at each part of the process. Check-in at the desk, security, passport control, they all had about 30 minute waits. We were there 3 hours before as recommended so it wasn’t a stressful time.

Once through we didn’t have time for a lounge visit and soon it was time to board.


The flight experience:

We were on a 777-300 ER, it seemed quite new and was a very comfortable plane.

a large white airplane at an airport

When on an international flight we find it easiest to sit in the middle section. My wife is on the aisle and I am inside. This way we don’t have to worry about someone else having to climb over us when they need to move around. Not too close to the front of the section means you normally avoid any babies crying in the front rows.

a group of people sitting in an airplane with monitors

The safety cards are dated Aug 2022 so they are less than a year old but they looked a bit worse for wear.

a sign on a plane

Basic instructions but no explanation on how to open doors.

a poster of a plane

The on screen information and maps were nice and clear. All the necessary information was easily available.

a screen shot of a map

The maps were informative to look at as our flight deviated from the planned path somewhat. As happened on the flight from Canada to Bangkok the initial flight path passes over Russia but under present circumstances the flight deviates around Russia and China.

a screen shot of a computer


On board meal:

Only a 6 hour flight so 1 meal was served. It was a really nice shrimp and rice dish with a fresh croissant with butter and jam as well as yoghurt. Water and tea were also supplied. A lovely meal.

a tray of food on a tray

Narita Airport:

We exited the plane at Narita and had 2 different security checks to go through before we were able to be in the part of the airport we needed to be in.

Nice to see that list of the air[port lounges available nearby.

So close to Tokyo yet so far.

a sign with a map on it a map of a city

Thought on the Thai Airways flight:

Overall it was a special flight, lovely service, great food, such an enjoyable airline. I would fly Thai Airways again in a heartbeat.