I passed through Terminal 1 at San Francisco airport for the first time in ages and was very impressed with the new Harvey Milk terminal.

The new terminal has loads of space, seating areas and nice modern facilities.



Entering the airport:

The first thing I noticed was while standing in line at security. I saw the silver upside down trees hanging from the ceiling but it was only from the second angle that I realized that there was actually a map of the world up on the ceiling that the trees were growing out of.

a group of people in an airport

Standing in line for security

Standing in line for security


Who was Harvey Milk ?

Harvey Milk was a San Francisco city supervisor who was elected in 1977 and was assassinated along with the San Francisco mayor about a year later.

There is a whole picture wall commemorating different things that Harvey Milk did for San Francisco.

a man in a suit and tie on a wall with pictures on the wall

a wall with pictures of men on it


Through security:

This is security.  A lot of space, light, seating, a nice experience.

people in an airport with people waiting for their luggage

Below is a mural with scenes from San Francisco and then a wall with photos from around the city.

a group of paintings on a wall a wall with pictures of a city

a man sitting in a chair in front of a large white wall

Welcome to San Francisco.

I saw 2 different kids play areas, nice colors and soft seating.

a group of colorful seats in a room


Seating areas:

There are so many different, comfortable and stylish seating areas all over the terminal. Whoever decided on the chairs did a mighty fine job.

a room with chairs and a large screen a room with chairs and tables a large room with a large table and chairs

people sitting in chairs in a terminal



Shops and restaurants:

Such a variety of places to shop and eat. I didn’t use any as I had access to a lounge but they all looked like fun.

a group of people in a mall

a group of people inside a building

a large tree stump in a building

There are also bank cash machines available. So nice when they have big name brands so that you do not have to pay an exorbitant amount on fees.

a two atm machines


Lounge access:

Terminal 1 also connects to the A gates for international flights. There were a few lounges that I had access to where those 2 terminals join but I was too early to use them. I love the way they have all the lounges on this screen, it makes them so easy to use.

a screenshot of a large screen

On this day I had access to the Admirals Club through a friend of mine.

a glass wall with a tree in the middle

Accessing Terminal 1 from A terminal.

Terminal 1 at San Francisco airport


Rest rooms:

I was duly impressed with the rest rooms too. Nice marble walls and lovely tiles on the floor with lots of space available.

a bathroom with a yellow sign



There are lovely gardens just outside the windows, it looks like a well planned gardening project.

a building with plants and a parking lot a group of plants in a garden


Final impressions:

Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at San Francisco airport is joy to be in. The new north ticketing lobby will be completed in 2024 too so that will add to the experience.

A really good design and execution, well done !