Berlin Tegel Airport should have been closed years ago, but since the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport continues to be delayed, TXL remains open. Terminal A is shaped like a hexagon and is one of the more interesting terminals in Europe.

Not only is it designed for a quick ground transport to aircraft experience, it is a bit of a rabbit warren inside. It’s fun! British Airways operate a Terraces Lounge at the airport and all the details are below.

Tegel Terraces Lounge

The terraces lounge concept is the one before the current galleries concept at BA. These lounges are very familiar to me as I’ve been using them for a number of years now. The Berlin lounge is still in quite good condition considering its age.

When you arrive, the attendant asks if you have been there before. Replying in the negative elicits information that there are no toilets in the lounge which is unusual. They are actually about two floors below, which is not so far to walk.

Seating is very much like the other British Airways lounges which makes the Tegel lounge like coming home. Wireless Internet is free and speedy enough too.

Since the lounge is not very busy, I found it to be nice, quiet and relaxing. Staff come over to you individually when it’s time to go to the gate to board your flight, which is a nice touch.

What’s There To Eat In Tegel?

Having a little pre-flight snack is always needed and this lounge has a number of bits and pieces for your enjoyment. I was there around lunch time and there is no hot food – the only thing of substance are pre-packaged sandwiches.

Of course there are also things such as fruit, cakes and other bits and pieces to eat. All of this is accompanied by an array of spreads which is very continental.

For me, I chose to have some pickles which was nice and refreshing after being out the night before. Otherwise it was a few crisps and that was it. I decided to save myself for the on board afternoon tea.

How About Drinks?

Like all British Airways lounges, you can satisfy your thirst with a barrage of brilliant drinks. Water was first cab off the rank for me and both still and sparkling are offered.

In addition to wine, beer and spirits, you can select fruit juice and a number of soft drinks. All of it makes creating your own drink very possible and it’s almost encouraged.

As is standard in most British Airways lounges – and Tegel is no exception – there are the makings for a Bloody Mary. I quite like putting it all together and having a nice spicy drink to start the day.

After an hour or so, our flight was called and we headed down to the gate. At the gate, your Passport is checked, then you go through security into what is best described as a holding pen, before being allowed on board.

Overall Thoughts

The British Airways Terraces Lounge at Berlin Tegel is completely fine as a lounge. While there is no hot food, it is a perfectly pleasant place to wile away some time before your flight. It is located up the stairs near Starbucks, in case you can’t find it.

Since the Terraces concept is on the way out, this is one of the few remaining in the network. It will be interesting to see what the new airport has for a BA lounge when it eventually opens… someday!

What do you think of the BA Terraces Lounge in Berlin? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by ehrjv on Instagram.