I decided to start a new project in which I will have short review versions for some of my longer posts. I’ll start it off with my recent stay last week at the Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, California which is part of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection.

These shorter posts will be called “Takeoff Points” and feature short commentary points with 8 pictures included. These will get posted first, then I’ll put the full review up on the site a few days later. Let me know what you all think!

Takeoff Points: Carmel Valley Ranch

Carmel Valley Ranch

Base Room: Santa Lucia Studio- Carmel Valley Ranch

1) The base rooms start at 650 square feet which is quite large. A solid 4 star room in the Santa Lucia Studio. Used points for my stay, with current 25% points rebate promotion from World of Hyatt with the Unbound Collection, net cost is 18,750 World of Hyatt Points and cash rates were over $1,000 per night during my stay.

Carmel Valley Ranch

Dual Sinks- Carmel Valley Ranch

2) The bathroom was the highlight of the room- very large! Toiletries were homemade with their Spa, and had a nice Lavender scent.

Carmel Valley Ranch

Outdoor Balcony- Carmel Valley Ranch

3) Balcony in room was large, but poor upkeep deemed it unusable with too many flies and bugs.

Carmel Valley Ranch

Alpacas- Carmel Valley Ranch

4) At the hotel’s own Corral, there were alpacas you could visit. Cool!

Carmel Valley Ranch

Watermelon Cucumber Salad ($19)

5) Best feta cheese I’ve ever had. Comes from the sheep and goats on the property- farm to table!

Carmel Valley Ranch

Scenery- Carmel Valley Ranch

6) Enjoy views of the vineyards, lavender gardens, golf course and more.

Carmel Valley Ranch

Infinity Hot Tub at the Lodge- Carmel Valley Ranch

7) There’s a pretty cool hot tub overlooking the vineyards and green space.

Carmel Valley Ranch

Organic Garden + Hen House- Carmel Valley Ranch

8) Visit the Organic Garden and see some fruits and vegetables grown that they use at the restaurant.

The Verdict:

A picturesque landscape provides a relaxing retreat in the Carmel Valley area. Farm to table cuisine, gardens and activities can add to a perfect getaway for families and pet owners. However, the grounds and rooms can be maintained better, especially when peak rates exceed $1,000 a night.


Stay tuned for my full review in a few days!




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