Flights warranting a breakfast service on Qantas are all those departing before 9am. I specifically chose my flight to fall within this window even though I could have gone a little later. Sydney to Brisbane (SYD-BNE) is one of Australia’s busiest air routes.

The Qantas terminal at Sydney Airport features a Qantas Club lounge for oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers. In addition, there is an exclusive Domestic Business Lounge for people travelling in business class along with oneworld Emerald frequent flyers.

QF510 – Sydney to Brisbane (SYD-BNE)
30 August 2017
Boeing 737-838 – VH-VYD – “Eudunda”
Seat: Business Class 1A
Departure: 08:30 Arrival: 10:00

After spending time in the lounge it is time to board the flight. There is a priority lane so people in business class can waltz past the economy class queue and straight on board. Once seated, drinks are offered in business class.

Drinks are strictly non-alcoholic and you have a choice between juice or water. After the safety demonstration it is time for flight. There is often a long taxi at Sydney but today it was very short due to taking off towards the south.

Business Class Cabin

The Boeing 737 used on the SYD-BNE flight features twelve seats arranged two by two in three rows. This is the same as the American Airlines configuration which is not surprising knowing the history of the Qantas 737.

Inflight entertainment on this version of the aircraft is on flip down screens. Headphones are provided in the seat pocket in front of you and the audio controls are in the arm rest.

Breakfast SYD-BNE

Qantas offer poached eggs as part of their hot meal in business class. These are hands down the nicest style of eggs to serve on a flight as they get to you how they’re supposed to. Why all airlines don’t do this is anyone’s guess.

Sourdough bread is offered from the basket by the crew. Usually I find the crust to be extremely hard and this was no exception. Drinks are offered next.

The Grant Burge sparkling wine is pretty dire. I have now had this on a number of Qantas flights and I think it’s the pits. For what the airline charges for domestic business class, a proper Champagne is in order.

Greek yoghurt comes with the meal and it is quite sweet and delicious. Once done, I asked for more sparkling wine and was offered orange juice too. Good idea, so I made Mimosa’s which masked the terrible taste of the Grant Burge. All is then cleared away and we landed on time.

Overall Thoughts

Qantas offer a comfortable business class cabin on the SYD-BNE sector. The seats are wide and spacious. On board service is quite friendly and the meal is excellent for a flight that only spends 60 minutes in the air.

It is a shame the sparkling wine lets the side down. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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