In my opinion, all of the best airlines love the Airbus A220 and have it in service. From Delta Air Lines to airBaltic, to Air Canada and SWISS. From Air France and JetBlue, to EgyptAir and Korean Air – they all fly substantial fleets of the sleek modern jet.

Passengers love the aircraft as it is a delight to fly in, plus it is very, very quiet both inside and out. That being said, what do airline crews think of the plane?

Swiss Crews Love The Airbus A220!

I was noodling around on Instagram (as you do) and a video was suggested for me. Now usually I am not a big fan of the algorithms on social media as sometimes it gets things very wrong. Once I happened to watch some short baseball video and you guessed it, from there I kept getting served baseball stuff… and I don’t care one iota about baseball.

Anyway, there’s a “this or that” trend on the socials, where you pick one of two options showing your choice. In this video from SWISS, one of the choices is Airbus A330 or Airbus A220 and you guessed it, all three crew chose the plane formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries.

Overall Thoughts

Funnily enough, I love the Airbus A220 too, and my only flight on one was in business class with SWISS. It happened to be one of the most memorably wonderful flights I have ever been on, so I have fond memories indeed.

It’s such a pretty plane and having such large windows really makes things so much nicer than usual. Hopefully one day some of the airlines I fly within Europe (looking at you British Airways and Aer Lingus) will also purchase some, so I can use it more regularly.

Do you love the Airbus A220 as well? What do you think of the plane – and the video, for that matter? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or queries, please leave them below.

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featured image by TJDarmstadt via Wikimedia Commons.