What a year it’s been. This spring has been truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. With schools closed, businesses closed, and life completely upended for a couple months, the 2020 pandemic seems like a once-in-a-lifetime event. At least I hope so. We’re starting to pull out of it, but it’s likely summer travel 2020 is going to be heavily impacted.

More and more of the U.S. is opening up, and it seems like we may even have some international destination options for summer travel. I get that governments are being cautious, but many, especially some tourism-based economies, are having to balance public health and economic concerns. Many have realized that economic damage translates into a public health crisis, just not an immediate one.

The status of many locales has yet to be determined, but I’m hoping I can nail our summer plans down in the next couple weeks. The first two summer trips I had planned completely fell through, so it’s on to new options. I’m looking at putting a couple trips back on the calendar. Here’s what summer travel 2020 is looking like for our family:

Father-Son Trip to…I’m Not Sure Yet

Last summer and fall I took separate trips with each of my older kids. Besides our January excursion to London, the last few have actually been this style. I really enjoy spending the one-on-one time with them, and it’s always been good for our relationships. So much of life at home is either all of us together, or either my wife or I managing all three solo due to the other being at work, that getting enough time with each child independently can be a challenge.

I’d already tossed around the idea of taking a trip with my 9-year-old this summer. I’d expected this to be international within the Americas, but given the situation, this looks less likely. At this point I have three destinations on the radar: Puerto Rico, Northern Michigan, or the San Juan Islands in Washington State. I’m leaning toward the first option. Award flights are available on one of the ideal weeks, but I’m unfortunately waiting to schedule around a work trip. Let’s hope it holds.

summer travel 2020

Local Northern California Family Trip

We haven’t gone anywhere as a family since heading to the Bay Area in February for our daughter’s dance convention. But that was right before the coronavirus hit. My wife isn’t ready to fly with the youngest yet, but we are looking at doing a local trip. I managed to snag award availability at a Wyndham Condo property in the Santa Rosa area. We’ll enjoy a few days in the pool, the girls can go shopping, and we can do some hiking in the Sonoma County hills.

If space opens up, I’d actually prefer to go to southern Oregon. There is a property there that I’m going to keep my eye on, in case the space opens up. But Wyndham is notorious for blocking condo and resort property space. I was surprised they even had four night available at the one we booked!

Father-Daughter Trip to Puerto Vallarta. Maybe?

Mexico has been on the radar for a father-daughter trip this summer. I’d hoped to visit a lesser-known city rather than a beach destination, specifically looking at Merida in the Yucutan. I’ve read some great things about the city, and it even has a Category 1 Hyatt! But…Mexico may not want visitors there as early as even August. I don’t want to commit to something where the timeline is unknown.

Plus, my daughter really likes the beach. I know Mexico is trying to get their beach hotspots up and running first post COVID-19. With this in mind, I ended up jumping on a 5-night deal for a Puerto Vallarta beach resort for $99. I’d probably keep things to four nights to work with our schedule, but I thought it was an offer worth jumping on. If we don’t use the certificate this summer, I have plenty of time to plan another trip. It’s good for a full two years.

What About Your Summer Travel 2020?

The trips with each of the older kids aren’t nailed down yet. There’s still a bit too much in play to make definitive plans. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea within the next couple weeks.

One thing is for sure…I’m more than ready for travel and life to get back to normal. Last week was the first time I’d gone anywhere for a few months. Summer is looking promising, but it will likely still be a while until we end up crossing any oceans to another continent.

Are you planning summer travel for 2020? If so, where?