Singapore Airlines are introducing new suites on the Airbus A380 when the next batch of aircraft are delivered. These have been under wraps for a while but pictures are now being circulated showing what could be the new product.

The pictures appear to be of an enclosed suite that contains both a bed for sleeping and an arm chair for relaxing. If this is the new product, it looks pretty nice indeed.

New Suites? Hopefully So!

Below appears to be one of the suites in a double bed configuration. Singapore Airlines already has this option so perhaps this is what the middle pair will look like on board.

You will note the arm chair. This is possibly the first time where the passenger will have a separate chair and bed, as opposed to converting a seat into a bed as is common now.

Clearly the pictures are taken on the ground as you can see a standard office air vent in one of the photos. Are these just concept images or are these ground representations of the real thing? Time will tell!

Another One And The Toilet

Australian Business Traveller found a couple more pictures in their article online. One feature a good look at the seat, showing a vanity mirror and some of the controls.

There is also a photo that came out showing what is supposed to be one of the toilets on board. Now this truly does hark back to another age of flight. Is this an Airbus A380 or a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser from 1949?

Either way, it is a pretty plush looking place for your ablutions, though I hope that isn’t carpet on the floors. I daresay the passengers will be delighted with this.

Overall Thoughts

If these pictures are a true representation of the suites that Singapore Airlines will unveil on their Airbus A380 fleet, people are in for a treat. These look to be arguably some of the best out there.

I guess we will see what happens in time. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons.
First three pictures via young on the SQtalk Forum.