Feel like staying in some accommodation that is a bit quirky, to say the least? Well, plane geeks and those in search of something unique can stay in a Sud Aviation Caravelle lodge.

Staying overnight on a plane is something you can do in very few places. The main one that comes to mind is the Jumbo Hostel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden. Who knew there was also a Caravelle?

Sud Aviation Caravelle Lodge

The gorgeous French designed Caravelle was a twin-jet that entered service in the late 1950s. Popular around Europe, it also saw service with United Airlines on their men only executive services. You can see a video about this aircraft here.

When one of the jets was retired, it was transported to Moyenpal (Xertigny) and fitted out with two 40m² lofts. Each can accommodate up to four people, featuring walk-in showers, toilets and a large lounge area.

Each loft has a name, one is JAT and the other is Corse-Air. The names pay homage to the airline that put this particularly plane into service (Yugoslavia’s JAT in 1968 as YU-AHG), and the one that retired it in 1985 (Corse-Air International as F-BYCY).

To stay overnight, it is €110 for two people, with additional guests at €16 each. Moyenpal is about 150 kilometres from Strasbourg in north eastern France and the same distance from Basel in Switzerland.

Overall Thoughts

Quite frankly, I think staying overnight on an aircraft would be a huge amount of fun, so the Sud Aviation Caravelle lodge is my kind of thing. Considering it’s also one of the prettiest planes to ever take to the sky helps… I mean, who doesn’t love those unique triangular passenger windows!

Bookings are available on the Unusual Nights web site. It is entirely in French, however the translate function in your web browser will switch the language over pretty easily for you.

Would you stay overnight in a Sud Aviation Caravelle lodge? Have you ever stayed on a plane before? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Udo K. Haafke on Airliners.net via Wikimedia Commons.