The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame is a museum located in Longreach in Queensland. It is one of the two big museums in the town with the other being the Qantas Founders Museum dedicated to Australian airline Qantas.

Celebrating the heritage of the Australian Outback, the museum is constructed of corrugated iron and timber just like many places in the country. Let’s have a look at what is on offer.

Stockman’s Tickets and What’s Inside

Entry to the museum is $30.00 for adults, or $50.00 if you attend the Stockman’s show which is held during the day. There is also a package where you can get dinner and the show after hours.

Ticket prices are quite reasonable as you can easily spend an entire day in the museum. You will need a whole day if you want to read and view everything. The museum also gives passes to come back the next day if you don’t see everything you wanted to see.

The building is divided into five galleries, each with a different theme. These are Our Story, Pioneers, Outback Properties, Royal Flying Doctors, and Stockworkers.

Galleries comprise of displays, written stories on wall panels plus a lot of audio visual content. Lots of original items are on display which adds to the entire experience.

Royal Flying Doctors Gallery

For those that don’t know, the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) operates in outback Australia. When there are emergencies requiring urgent medical attention, the RFDS fly in to assist and evacuate where required.

Many lives are saved by the service and it is great to see the Stockman’s Hall of Fame with displays devoted to the service history and what they do. It is a vital part of life in the bush.

Other Galleries and Food

There are many other galleries in the museum. I particularly like the displays detailing the introduction of the Telegraph to Australia. Other things include a recreated 1920’s outback kitchen, many individual stories of settlers and Aboriginal people and quite a bit of audio visual content.

Reading plays a big part when visiting here as there is quite a lot of written material. Lots of original items such as horse saddles, equipment and many other things are present here. Naturally there is a gift shop as well as an on site cafe selling sandwiches and drinks.

Overall Thoughts

Operated by wonderfully friendly staff, the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame is definitely worth visiting when heading to Longreach. Since it is the other big museum in town, visitors would be advised to try to see both. You can do it in one day but it is a long day so two may be better depending on your level of interest.

The fact it has an aviation element means there was something for me to see, plus a number of other pieces were interesting too. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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