It was a pleasure staying at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio on the riverwalk for a week. It is a big hotel with many facilities and I really enjoyed my stay.

For comparison, the week after the 4th of July the rooms are available for between $200 and $330 per night.

The lobby:

Besides a Las Vegas casino this is one of the largest lobbies I have come across. Different designated rows for Priority members and for regular guests.

There was a company leadership congress on in the hotel while I was there. Luckily the activities did not interfere too much with the flow of the hotel.

a reception area with rope barriers and a poster a large lobby with chairs and tables

Valet parking is available. You can see the rates. Once you reach 6 hours you will pay the max rate of $57 per day plus tax. This is rather a high rate, reminds me of Chicago and New York rates.

a sign on a wall


Lobby facilities:

There is a good gift shop in the lobby. All sorts of mementos as well as stuff that you might need for your stay.

a store front with a sign and a storefront

Alteza is the name of the condos that are available in this building. There is a separate area where residents can use separate elevators. A nice lounge area with a piano is downstairs. It all looks rather upmarket.

a room with a piano and a piano

Perks is a coffee shop and snacks area. Almost all hotels now have a good coffee shop in their lobbies as they have realized that there will always be customers in the morning especially, but all through the day too.

a store with a sign and shelves

This is the waiting area outside Perks Coffee shop. Rather a glamorous wait for your drink.

a painting on the wall

There are a couple of TopGolf Swing Suites available for an evenings fun. The suites are near the bar so drinks and snacks will never be far. A fun time will be had by all. There are sofas so you can have many people playing or watching.

a table and stools in a room

Here is a list of dining options at the hotel. The riverwalk is only minutes away so a multitude of options are available there too.

a sign on a wall

Here is the directory to the conference rooms and other facilities in the hotel. The 5th floor has game room, laundry, terrace, Stayfit Health Club and the pool.

Floor 1 has the Bar Rojo, Perks coffee shop and the gift shop.

a white paper with black text on it

This is the inside of one of the public restrooms. Immaculate with all the space you might need, very impressive.

a bathroom with a mirror and sinks

This is the elevator landing on the 4th floor where I stayed. Nice clear instructions and rather elegant.

a mirror on a desk



The room:

This room is rather nice. I had a single king sized bed which left that little bit of extra space compared to twin beds. The relaxing chair was just that, and the footstool was high enough that feet were very happy to be propped up on it at the end of each day.

The TV unit and chest of drawers and the desk and chair were also great. Overall a room with everything I could wish for.

a room with a bed and a desk

I enjoy that the Hyatt has Keurig machines available. It is not as easy to just boil water for tea but it is worth the compromise.

I also love the small fridge. Any hotel that provides you with refrigeration gets extra points in my book.

a coffee machine and cups on a table a safe on a shelf

There are power plugs on both sides of the bed. Some hotels are catching up by having USB ports as well as power. It varies as to which you will have available.

a phone and a book on a table

Here are close up views of the desk, chair, lamps, comfy chair and footstool. Very nice and comfy as well as being useful.

a desk with a lamp and framed pictures on the wall a chair and a stool in a room

The cupboard was a reasonable size including an iron, ironing board, luggage rack and hangars.

a closet with clothes on a rack a bed with white pillows

Overall a very enjoyable bedroom with all that I could have asked for.


The bathroom:

Rather a pleasant bathroom as well. Balmain toiletries, sufficient space next to the basin, a good look.

a bathroom with a sink and toilet

Nice stand alone shower with Balmain of Paris toiletries.

a shower with a shower head a group of bottles of shampoo

The fixtures in the bathroom are by Kohler, a high end provider. The bathroom was up to the standard of the room and the hotel in general.


Hotel facilities:

There is a lovely pool up on the 5th floor with nice recliners and a clear view of the sun. Besides the Tower of the Americas there are no other buildings to shade the pool.

a pool with lounge chairs and a building

The gym is special. Look at the views that you can enjoy while exercising. Rows of climbing machines and pedal machines.

a room with exercise bikes and a large window

Two rows of treadmills are available too.

a group of treadmills in a gym

A whole area for machine workouts and weights and such, and still a great view.

a gym with exercise equipment

There is even a separate Peloton room. Large screens on the bikes and a large tv on the wall mean you enjoy cycling anywhere in the world.

a room with exercise bikes and a window



This is a great hotel to stay in. There are many facilities available for you to use for your enjoyment. The room is classy and it has a really nice bathroom.

The pool and gym and coffee shop and bar (where I had great take out and sit down food over the week I was there) and gift shop and more are very usable.

A highly recommended stay.