I had a flight to New Orleans booked last year and I wanted to try the Big Front Seat on Spirit. So I had flight booked for March 2020 and in February 2020 I decided to cancel due to COVID worsening and get a voucher (I should have waited for my flight to get cancelled, which it did, and get a full refund, but I did not know how bad the pandemic would get). Unfortunately, Spirit credits are only valid for 60 days so my voucher was only valid until May 2020.

Fast forward and I kind of forgot about that reservation credit. This week I was interested in seeing if they extended or anything and found this on the website.

All Reservation Credits issued since March 2020 have been extended. These Reservation Credits are redeemable for trips traveled by December 31, 2021, which must be booked by September 30, 2021. Reservation Credits can be used for all new bookings on or by calling Spirit Reservations at 855-728-3555.

Cool! So my credit would still be valid until the end of the year. I tried making a dummy booking with the credit but when applying my old confirmation number an error message popped up and it stated “Credit is $0”. Time to call to get my credit reinstated!

Texting then Calling Spirit:

I decided to use the try the SMS Texting option and text Spirit at 48763. I received a response 2 hours later, then when I replied it took a new agent 4 hours later to reply who asked me to restate my whole question. So I gave up with this route. I wasn’t really surprised given its Spirit Airlines; my expectations were quite low to be honest.

So, I tried calling Spirit at night and connected to a representative very quickly. He seemed very confused about his job and stated that I received a refund to my credit card (boy I wish I did!). I asked him to send me a confirmation stating the credit card it was refunded to and the email stated that I received a reservation voucher LOL. He was confused so I decided to hang up and call again (HUCA).

This time, I called in the morning and I connected to a representative in about 20 minutes. She was very friendly and first stated that the credit should have been automatically extended. Then she asked her supervisor and he said that I needed to call to get it extended but I waited too long to call so I would not have any credit? I then told the representative that the website states “All Reservation Credits issued since March 2020 have been extended.” She saw what I was saying but her supervisor wouldn’t budge. I felt bad for her, and she was nice and told me that their chat system has better access/ representatives and that they may be able to help me better (insider tip!). I didn’t know about the chat option, but she quickly walked me through it.

To access chat:

It’s not the most obvious option, but go to the “Contact Us” on the top right of the home page, click “Email Us” and within that there is a chat section. Or you can access the chat link here instead. Hours for chat are Monday – Sunday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST.

Spirit Airlines Credits Extended

Spirit Airlines Credits Extended:

From here, I was connected to an agent within minutes, asked if they could extend/reinstate my travel credit and 2 minutes later it was confirmed and I could apply it on the site now. WOW! So fast and easy this way.

So insider tip, Spirit customer service can definitely vary from department to department. Based on my experience, I recommend you trying to use the chat option if you have any issues. Hopefully the pandemic gets better and I can use this credit at the end of the year. I surprised and glad to see the Spirit Airlines credits extended to the end of the year.


How have your experiences been with Spirit Customer Service? Comment below.


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