Save Big Through December 4th

Starwood Hotels is offering fantastic rates as part of their Cyber Monday promotion.  As of this morning (Nov 28th), SPG’s  Cyber Monday sale is in full swing.  SPG’s “Biggest Sale of the Year” runs through December 4th and features a wide variety of properties marked down a considerable deal.

According to SPG, non-members can save up to 30% at select SPG properties when they book by December 4th and stay by September 2017.  Additionally, SPG members can save another 5% on top of that 30%.  That means that select SPG properties are marked down 35% now until December 4th.

How You’ll Know You’re Taking Advantage of the Cyber Monday Promo

Unfortunately, when you book a room at pretty much every hotel on the planet, there isn’t a set price at which the room is sold.  So, not having a benchmark price can make a Cyber Monday sale like SPG’s fairly difficult to navigate.  However, you’re able to identify which rooms are on sale and which rooms are not when booking.

Look for “Biggest sale of the year! Members save more – book by December 4 from $X” and “Biggest sale of the year! Book by December 4”

Any property and/or room that is part of this fantastic Cyber Monday promo will have both of these phrases next to the rate when booking online.  If you decide to go the old fashion route and book via phone, make sure to as the representative to clarify that you’re booking your rate as part of “The Biggest Sale of the Year” promotion.

Here’s a Few Cheap Hotels

This Cyber Monday promo seems to be far reaching with the majority of SPG properties offering this promotional rate.  For example, here are just a few rates I’ve snagged from SPG’s site this morning;

Book the W Las Vegas (Image: SPG Hotels)

Book the W Las Vegas for $109 during SPG’s Cyber Monday Sale (Image: SPG Hotels)


Book the W Chicago for (Image: SPG Hotels)

Book the W Chicago for $103 during SPG’s Cyber Monday Sale (Image: SPG Hotels)


Book the Westing Portland for (Image: SPG Hotels)

Book the Westing Portland for $170 during SPG’s Cyber Monday Sale (Image: SPG Hotels)

Cancellation and Change Policy

So, what’s the catch?  When booking a “Biggest Sale of the Year” promotional rate, non-members and members will face a penalty 0f 100% of the rate for cancellations and cannot change/modify their booking for any reason.  It’s nonrefundable and unchangeable as one would expect.


Aside from the fairly blatant cancellation and change policy, 35% off some the best hotels throughout the world is a fantastic promo.  Additionally, you don’t have to make an impulse booking today, you have until December 4th.  To make things even better, this promotion is valid for stays up until late next year (September 2017).  I myself plan on booking a few properties over the next couple of days.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this Cyber Monday promo? Any other promos you’d like to share?