What with the current carnage around border restrictions, PCR tests and hotel quarantine, you are probably not booking any travel. I was wondering if anyone had taken the plunge and made any speculative flight bookings for the year.

Airlines, to their credit, are making it easy to protect your cash. Many offer a travel credit voucher if you just don’t want to go, something you’d never see outside of a pandemic. You also get your money back in most cases if your flight is cancelled.

Speculative Flight Bookings

British Airways recently had a sale and I wrote that I decided not to book flights. Of course, seeing the fact vouchers could be used through 2023 tipped the scales for me.

I decided to book a return ticket from Dublin to London in August for the princely sum of €199.47 in Club Europe. That is the cheapest I have ever paid in cash for that sector.

As far as speculative flight bookings go, it’s hardly throwing down a several grand on first class tickets to Australia. However, I am hoping that by then we can travel at least that far.

It was enjoyable selecting 2D on the CityFlyer Embraer 190, which has the most legroom on the entire BA shorthaul fleet. Really, it is a scandalous amount of room!

Overall Thoughts

So that’s my one concession to attempting travel this year. I have a plan to go on the Caledonian Sleeper train from Fort Willian to London at some point this year too. It’s been on my list forever so I should bite the bullet and do it. There’s also a beach landing in Barra on the cards as well.

Have you made any speculative flight bookings for 2021? I’d love to hear about where you’ve booked from/to, which month and what you think your chances are of actually going. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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