In an interesting move, Southwest is pulling all flights from Newark International Airport. The airline claims that financial performance is below expectations. The result? Southwest is ceasing all fifteen or so daily departures. This is definitely a blow to anyone flying the airline in the NJ side of the NYC metro area.

The airline does link the poorer-than-expected performance to issues with the 737 MAX. Flights will cease completely by November 3, 2019.

Consolidation in NYC

Southwest will consolidate all their flights at LGA. This may be a bonus for some, but likely a detriment for many area residents. For Southwest-flyers convenient to Newark, getting to LaGuardia can be a major pain. Southwest does not operate any flights out of JFK, the third major NYC area airport. Any customers that booked flights affected by the change in operations will be re-accommodated as best they can.

Southwest does say their demand at LGA is strong, which is prompting the pull from Newark. Their Newark staff, which number over 100, will be offered positions at other airports, if they are willing to relocate. Southwest has been flying out of Newark since 2011, so its not like they didn’t give their routes a chance to develop.

Do you fly Southwest out of Newark? Will you keep flying the carrier out of LaGuardia?