Southwest Airlines carries more domestic US passengers than any other airline last time I checked. Not to mention, they have a bit of a presence here in Atlanta. I posted a while back that Southwest and I were going to be spending a little more time together over the next year. While I generally have some flexibility in carrier choice as long as the fare is the same, there’s no doubting that I’ll be flying Delta a little less and Southwest a little more. (Image courtesy of Southwest Airlines)

Heart One. Stephen M. Keller

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Southwest. Frankly, I find them to be just fine for flights of less than 3 hours. Early Bird Check-in resolves a lot of my boarding fears, and it’s entirely likely that I’m A-List by this time next year. But as I ponder the year ahead, I’ve been thinking that there are two things Southwest could do that would assuage nearly any apprehension I have about flying with them –

  • An enhanced legroom coach product
  • Power outlets

Of course, as far as I know, they have no plans to offer either. I know that the extra legroom product goes against the current philosophy of shoving as many seats as possible onboard, but it would seem to me that the up-sale potential here is at least worth considering. If managed and marketed correctly, an extra legroom product could (should) be revenue positive.

And then, there’s my #1 wish for any airline, power outlets. My preference for shorter Southwest flights negates the value of this, but the fact is that Southwest is flying some fairly lengthy trans-continental flights. The availability of power for work and play enroute is an issue, and is one that I consider when choosing which airline to book.

Certainly, each of these wishes come with a cost, but they have potential to be revenue positive if handled correctly. That’s especially true for an enhanced legroom product. Will my wishes be granted? I doubt it, but it couldn’t hurt to wish on a Wednesday morning, could it?

-MJ, October 15, 2014