So, I recently did a status challenge with Southwest in which I could get A-List status for free for 90 days. And to extend the status, I would have to fly 6 segments in the 90 day period.

I emailed a screenshot of my Delta Silver Medallion Status, my name and my Southwest Rapid Rewards Number to and within 2 days I was notified that my status match went through!

A-List comes with:

  • Priority boarding
  • Fly By® Priority Check-in and Security Lane Access*
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Free same-day standby
  • Earning bonus (25%)

The Benefit I Wanted Most… Free Same-day standby:

One of the cool benefits of A-List is the free same-day standby on any flight the day you’re booked on! I even asked if I could fly to a “sister city” (eg SFO, SJC) instead of Oakland and the agent said I could. Note: she did say that you’d have to depart from your original destination. Since I was departing from Santa Ana (SNA), I couldn’t just show up to LAX or ONT for my flight.

One thing to note is that you must request to standby at the airport with an agent. Unfortunately, you cannot do it from your phone or online.

My A-List Free Standby Experience at SNA:

The SNA-OAK flight I wanted to standby on at 3:30pm was sold out when I got to the airport desk 1 hour before departure. The agent said I should still try, so I was added to the list. Worst case, there was a 5pm flight with 37 seats left and the agent said I would most likely get on that one.

I ended up 4th/8 on the standby for the 3:30pm and only one person cleared. It’s nice that you can track your position on the standby list from the mobile app!

A-List Free Standby

So, I went to the gate to get put on the 5pm standby. It still had 37 seats left so the agent ticketed me and I received a boarding pass! I thought it was nice that agent ticketed me since they knew the flight wouldn’t fly full.

Even though I received a C2 boarding group, I got to board after A1-60 boarded! If an A-Lister receives a position in the B or C group (which happens when a flight change is made less than 36 hours before departure) they can board after the A group.

Southwest has an open seating policy, meaning there isn’t assigned seats and boarding last (C groups) means you’ll probably end up with a middle seat. I scored a window seat in the middle of the plane (Row 16!). Thanks A-List!

A-List Free Standby

On board 4 hours early 🙂

The Verdict:

Overall, I loved the A-List Free Standby benefit! I was originally booked on the 9pm flight as my original plan was to leave after dinner, but I ended up wanting to change my plans to get to the Bay Area earlier. And, this flight I got on was also more expensive at booking, so I felt like it’s a great benefit!

Any of you have A-List? Have you used the free same day Standby Benefit? Comment below!

Happy travels,