You’ve certainly had the experience. Sitting quietly, reading or browsing the web, when suddenly a sound comes out of nowhere. You’re puzzled for a second, before realising someone is playing a movie or listening to music on their phone. Loudly!

Good manners have apparently gone the way of the dinosaurs. Apparently it is increasingly acceptable to make as much noise as you want, and be damned if it bothers anyone around you. After all, they can move away, right?

Sounding Off About Sound

At first glance, you might think I’m having a shot at the cohort of humans that have been tarred with the millennial tag. They certainly are known for whipping out a phone at the airport and showing off videos to their friends at full volume.

However, it is not limited to those people. Middle aged business people (and it’s usually the men) seem to think that wandering around an airline lounge speaking at full volume is perfectly reasonable. Apart from the confidentiality issues, it’s also really annoying for those it is being inflicted upon.

Just as bad are those parents to hand their toddler an iPad and let them go ahead and watch whatever they want with it. I get it, you want a break from your kid and a device is the baby sitter who doesn’t complain. Even so, the squealing of Peppa Pig nearby is not my idea of a good time.

Earphones and Headphones

Earphones and headphones have been around since before I was born. Why people think it’s okay not to use them in crowded places is baffling.

I don’t need to hear your music, your video, your computer game or god forbid some other sound emanating from your electronics. Wear your headphones or earphones and give us all a break.

Overall Thoughts

More people should speak out when they are being assaulted by sound. Reasonable people will turn it down, turn it off, or put on some headphones. Business people doing the wander should be advised to leave the room for their conversations.

All round it’s just something that should not happen. Common courtesy is lacking in some people, which is a real shame here in the 21st century.

Have you experienced people being oblivious to the noise they are making in airports, airline lounges or on flights? What happened and did you do anything about it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by NordWood Themes via Unsplash. Airpods by Harpal Singh via Unsplash.