From time to time, Kimpton Hotels have a secret password promotion. If you know the password and say it during check-in, you will receive some kind of perk from the establishment. Through to 20 February 2023, you need to say “The snuggle is real”.

I already had a booking for the Kimpton Schofield in Cleveland, so I made a note to myself to give it a try. I’d always wondered what might happen and now I know.

The Snuggle Is Real

When I arrived at the hotel, I headed to the check-in desk. During the formalities, I managed to throw the secret password into a sentence, saying something like, “I’m really looking forward to getting up to my room because the snuggle is real”. That piece of amazing prose was accompanied by a knowing look.

The lady at the desk replied with, “I hear you!” and returned the knowing look, which made it all very secret service esque. Luckily no-one else was about so I didn’t feel too silly. Next, I was asked if I wanted the “alcoholic or non-alcoholic version”, and I went with the former. A gift bag was duly presented and I toddled off to my room.

Overall Thoughts

I think the secret password at the Kimpton Hotels is a lot of fun. You have nothing to lose by saying it, and you’ll likely get something useful. I’ve seen in other articles online that some hotels might give credit in their restaurant, free parking and so on. It’s always worth your while.

Are you going to be using “The snuggle is real” when you check-in to a Kimpton this winter? What have you received and where when quoting other secret passwords in the past? I’d be curious to see what else has been offered. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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