Eli Lazar, an aerospace engineer PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Matthew Snyder, social marketing guru (e.g. Zappos), may be on to a niche market with a product that I’ve been looking for, especially since the arrival of our twin girls. — A quality, compact sleep machine.

Meet Snooz! (No endorsement, no consideration.)


Meet Snooz!

For the last nine months, white noise has been an essential element in our family life! It literally makes up the majority of our day as we crank up various fans and noise apps for over 12 hours a day all around our house to block out distractions and otherwise help our little ones get to sleep and stay asleep for their naps and at nighttime. While we have what seems to be a pretty good system down, which includes no less than a clock radio with an old iPhone playing a noise app, two room fans, a range hood fan and bathroom exhaust fans, traveling can be more of a challenge.

Our method now includes a noise app played through a Jawbone Jambox we bring along. Oh, and we crank the hotel bathroom fan as well, if there is one. It is a general potpourri of poorly controlled, less than reliable sounds that you hope won’t bring on a headache to boot.

Snooz… come to our rescue! 


These are NOT what you want to see as part of your hotel’s standard amenities!

Snooz, LLC, an affiliate of EnterpriseWorks Incubator at the University of Illinois Research Park, has gotten off to a great start on its Kickstarter to fund its sound machine portable sleep conditioner that has no looping tracks or low-quality speakers, just the adjustable white-noise created by a fan moving air.


As the SNOOZ developers say, “A 50-pack of CD spindles and 29 lbs of 3D printer filament later…”

After several prototype designs, the product is ready for its $100,000 launch to raise funds for expected shipping of the new Snooz devices in March 2016.

Okay, okay… what REALLY sealed the deal on me backing Snooz? This hilarious promo spot! 


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