Heading to Australia, you usually sleep on at least one flight, if not both. After a Qatar Airways day flight from Stockholm, I arrived in Doha and proceeded to the Al Mourjan Lounge to relax.

The boarding pass I was issued in Stockholm was completely unbranded, so I decided I’d like a new one. Interestingly, it states “Customer in Al Mourjan Lounge” on the bottom, which goes to show airlines keep track of where you are.

Eventually it was time to board and as I managed to sleep through a lot of this flight, I didn’t sample everything as I would usually. I blame the extremely comfortable seats and the quiet A350… or maybe I’m just getting used to sleeping on a plane.

QR914 – Doha to Adelaide (DOH-ADL)
15 December 2020
Airbus A350-900 – A7-ALY
Seat: Business Class 1K
Departure: 20:20 Arrival: 17:05+1

Qsuites are an excellent product and they look fantastic all round. On the A350, the Airbus overhead bins give the cabin a more pleasant feel than the older Boeing 777 equivalents. Even so, the seats are identical, so selecting either aircraft gives the same experience from a seating perspective.

Tonight’s Menu

After boarding, I had a welcome drink and settled in, marvelling at the space. The flight from Doha to Adelaide is in the region of 15 hours, so the menu includes an extensive selection of meals.

The cabin crew ask what you would like to reserve prior to take-off, as well as asking when you’d like to eat. It’s a great feature of the service, and the dine on demand concept is one all airlines should adopt.

How About The Wine List?

When flying I usually stick to the Champagne, interspersing it with things like tea, water and any kind of mocktail or interesting drink on the menu. Sometimes I do like to try the dessert wine as well. Here’s the Qatar Airways business class wine list on this flight.

There is plenty to choose from here. I am guessing the “discovery” ones are something new and unusual. I’ll have to ask the cabin crew next time. Anyway, after boarding about 45-50 passengers in total, we headed into the night sky for Adelaide.

Eating… and Sleeping Through!

The food arrived covered due to the pandemic and I happily ate everything put in front of me. After using the Wifi for quite a bit, which was free for the month on Qatar Airways, I turned in for the night.

Sleeping in a Qsuite is rather nice. You close the door, pop in the ear plugs from the amenity kit and lay your head on the big soft pillow. There’s also a lovely blanket and of course pyjamas by The White Company are provided.

When I woke “the next morning”, it was breakfast time. The breakfast menu was precisely the same as my previous flight so I ended up with the same starters and just chose a different main course. As usual, the food quality was very good and you certainly get plenty.

Soon enough we passed over the coast of Australia, which was quite brown in this area, and landed in Adelaide on schedule. After this, it was time to head off into hotel quarantine for two weeks.

Overall Thoughts

It’s nice to sleep through most of a flight. I did that once on a trip from Honolulu to Auckland and I remember it well as it was such a rare occurrence. Of course, looking at the menu, I wish I had opted to eat more, as I do love a good bit of food.

While you miss most of the food service, movie selection and so on, sleeping sure makes the time fly by. That’s why some people actively choose overnight flights, so they feel as though they arrive very quickly after leaving.

Can you sleep through a flight or are you someone who stays awake? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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