Takeoff Note: I was invited to try out Virgin Voyages and only had to pay port expenses and taxes. But, the opinions expressed in this post are entirely those of mine and weren't subject to review by the cruise line or any external entity.


In this review, I am going to highlight the common areas of the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady and highlight the entertainment offered onboard. Overall, Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady is a beautiful ship, and I had fun exploring it during my 4 night sailing out of Miami. None of the common areas ever really felt too packed during our nice journey, but it could be attributed to the fact that our sailing was off-season and we had about a 70% load.

Virgin Voyages Cruise Report

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The roundabout with a large circular staircase connecting Decks 7 to 6 is the heart of the ship and the first thing you see when boarding.

a spiral staircase in a building


Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Lobby

Roundabout Seating

Sailor Services, which is like the front desk/reception is actually not located here but rather it is kind of tucked off, and located on deck 5.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Sailor Services

Sailor Services


The main floor with the shops also features Dry Dock which is a beauty salon and Stubble & Groom which is a barber shop. And even a tattoo parlor called Squid Ink. 

a red and white striped door


The shopping area is called “High Street”, and features souvenirs, cosmetics, luxury accessories, and fashion items. There is an essentials shop as well as a Virgin Voyages branded shop too.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Shopping

High Street Shopping

On Deck 7, there is also Voyage Vinyl which is a record shop and matches Virgin’s roots.

a room with a group of people

Virgin Vinyl

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The Groupie (Private Karaoke)

I loved the private karaoke offered here at the Groupie. Sign-up sheets for the day are released in the morning, and you can grab a one-hour slot. There are three rooms, Blue (2-4 people), Pink (4-6 people), and Purple (6-8 people). On our voyage, the Blue room was closed, but Pink and Purple were available.

On our voyage, sign-up slots weren’t hard to get, and one day we signed up for the Pink room but it wasn’t working. We called Sailor Services and they said they would send someone up to troubleshoot, but after 20 minutes no one came and we decided to do something else as our slot was going to end. We tried again another day, and thankfully this time the room was working.

I love karaoke and thought it was a nice touch to have one on a cruise ship! Super fun!

a blue circle with white text on a wall with a glass door

Groupie Entrance

karaoke room on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

The Pink Room

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Karaoke Room

Purple Room


The casino on the Scarlet Lady is a solid size and features the latest slots and table games. It was a pretty popular place in the evenings, and I enjoyed my visits to the casino. I really appreciated how the casino is smoke-free, so it was easy to breathe!

a room with a row of slot machines

Virgin Voyages Casino

a room with a black table and chairs

Virgin Voyages Table Games

The Arcade

Video games both new and old are available at the arcade free of charge. I tried out the racing game and won, but unfortunately, one of the pedals was broken, so it was a bit hard to avoid crashing into the walls! A nice place to hang out with friends and unleash some friendly competition.

a room with arcade machines and people standing in front of them


Fitness & Wellness

Fitness Center

On deck 15, there is quite a large fitness center called B-Complex, with also a bike and a balance studio.

a room with treadmills and exercise equipment

B Complex Treadmills

a room with exercise equipment and windows

B Complex Weights

I signed up for a spin/cycling class and thought that the cycling room was quite nice with beautiful ocean views. But, the instructor was not good and didn’t seem like he didn’t know what he was doing. His resistance and output ranges were far too extreme and high. Perhaps I just got a bad instructor.

a room with exercise bikes and windows

Cycle Room

There is also outdoor gym equipment and a boxing ring on deck 16. They have a Training Camp with group fitness classes as well.

a red building with punching bags


a room with mats and shelves

Training Camp

There’s a basketball court too, that was also used for pickleball.

people standing in a cage

Basketball/Pickleball Court

Also on deck 16 was The Net. It looked cool and is dubbed the highest catamaran net at sea. Sadly, it was closed during my visits to this deck, but nearby there were large daybeds, swings, oversized games, and even adult-sized seesaws spread out on the Athletic Club section of the deck.

a red and white net on a boat

The Net

a circular seating on a deck

Large Daybeds

a swing in a playground

Fun Swings

The Sun Club has plenty of seating to lounge and relax in the outdoor sun, and there are private Cabanas for rent on this deck.

a group of red chairs on a deck

Fun Seats

Running Track (The Runway)

On the top deck 17, there is a two-lane running track where 6 laps equals a mile.

a red walkway with white lines and a red railing

Runway Running Track

The Spa

The Redemption Spa is located on deck 5, and on top of massages and facials, its Thermal Suite includes a mud room, salt room, sauna, steam room, and hot and cold plunge pools. We didn’t have time to try the spa on this voyage, but perhaps next time!

a room with a glass door and shelves

Redemption Spa

Deck 15 also features The Tune Up, which does manicures and pedicures.

a room with a tv on the wall

The Tune Up

The Pool

The Aquatic Club on deck 15 features a main pool and wellness pool. They aren’t particularly large, but if you want to take a dip, you certainly can.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Pool

Aquatic Club

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Pool

Some Hot Tubs

There are also hot tubs spread out around deck 16.

a hot tub on a deck overlooking the ocean

Hot Tub

Richards Rooftop

The front of the deck is reserved for suite guests only (Rockstar Quarters) and it’s called Richard’s Rooftop which offers a VIP Sundeck and Bar.

a deck with white chairs and a railing

Richard’s Rooftop

The Red Room

Most of the larger shows are hosted here, and it’s deemed the live performance space. It takes up two decks, 6 & 7.

a crowd of people in a room with lights and a stage on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Red Room on Scarlet Night

The Manor

It’s the nightclub onboard the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, and I love the sparkly mirror entrance. It was quite fun during the Pajama Party!

The Manor on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

The Manor Entrance

a large crowd of people in a dark room with lights

Manor Pajama Party

When it is not a nightclub, they would host other shows here such as the Mentalist & Comedy Entertainer, as well as the variety/dinner show.


The shows are a bit of the low point on Virgin Voyages. I was expecting a bit more to be honest. I was able to see the shows below, and I chose them based on what I’ve read online. These require reservations, and you can make reservations for shows once onboard the ship’s Wi-Fi. I didn’t have any issues not getting the show I wanted, and nothing really “sold out”. I found out our voyages were sailing around 70% occupancy, so perhaps that is why. Even if a show sells out, you can check if they have walk-in slots available as there are no-shows. 

Duel Reality:

It’s like Romeo and Juliet with an acrobatic twist. I thought some of the acts were cool, but some of them fell flat for me. It was cool that I was ushered to sit in the front row and was right in the action, though it was scary sometimes as they were so close!

a group of people on a stage on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Duel Reality

a person from the air in front of a crowd

Duel Reality Scene

It’s a Ship Show

This is a variety/dinner show that has a comedic host, singing, acrobatics, and a person who could balance a sword. The lineup was very cruise-ship-esque, and we stayed for about an hour or so and decided to find another activity on the ship. We just went for dessert and we were glad we did because the main courses were much more limited and of lower quality than the restaurants on board. The dessert also fell flat.

a man on a swing on a stage with a band on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Ship Show


Now we’re talking! This was quite fun, almost like a mini-rave, with dancers, lights, and music. But, it really depends on the crowd you’re with and our sailing was very low energy. So, it wasn’t as fun as most of the audience wasn’t in the “party mood”. The stages move around, and audience participation can make or break the experience.

a group of people on stage with bright lights on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady


I would have loved to see a Broadway Stage Production, or something maybe a bit more to the Cirque du Soleil caliber.

In terms of other entertainment options, they had a few groups of singers, trio’s and cabaret performers. I did like the singer they had on board, and he was nice enough to take song requests and stay connected with the audience.

a room with a group of people sitting at tables and chairs

The Dock Live Music

Themed Nights

I loved the themed nights onboard the ship!

Definitely go to the Sail Away Party on the first day. It was fun and festive with dancing, and there was free champagne! It was from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

a group of people on a deck on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Sail Away Party

Also on the first day was the Pajama Party at night. Normally it’s outside at the Athletic Club, but since we had bad weather, it was moved inside to the Manor.

On the second day was Scarlet Night, where everyone wore red! There are tons of shipwide activities and decor for a fun festive night.

a group of people in a room with a large group of people

Scarlet Night

The Verdict

Overall, Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady was a great ship for a four-night cruise with plenty to do. I did not want to get off the ship on the last day and would love to sail on the Scarlet Lady again. The ship’s spaces are great, and if they could spice up the entertainment options a bit more, it could be the perfect cruise.


Have you been on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady? What did you think of the ship and entertainment options? Comment below!




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