This would be developing news as I do not track United MileagePlus very closely. There appears to be a secret devaluation of United MileagePlus for partner airlines.

Typically, award travel on Air Canada, booked through United MileagePlus is 16,500 miles + taxes and fees for Economy Class.

Today, I was checking award availability for a client, and came across the new pricing of 20,000 miles + taxes and fees.

a screenshot of a computer screen

This would represent a devaluation of over 20%!

I then took a peek at the devaluation on their Business Class award pricing. The pricing has not yet changed. It continues to be 33,000 miles + taxes and fees.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

I remember economy class used to be 12,500 miles and business class was 25,000 miles per direction. Clearly those days are long gone. I would only anticipate United to eventually increase the Business Class cost to 40,000 miles, to maintain the 1:2 standard that has been ongoing for a while with United.

Looking into it further, this devaluation only appears to be for partner airlines. United flights are still pricing out between 5,600 and 15,000 miles respectively for short-haul and transcontinental flights.


Although the impact for Canadian residents will be limited, this is still a secret devaluation of United MileagePlus for those who fly United frequently or earn their miles.

With them removing award charts, this should not be a surprise, although it might be disappointing.