I recently stumbled upon an interesting way to save money by buying Porter Airlines gift cards from Costco.

While this is a great way to save money on Porter Airlines, the use of gift cards does have its drawbacks. However, once again, I find myself commonly recommending people buy Gift Cards, because the savings probably outweigh the limitations.

Saving Money on Travel

I am one of the few full service travel agents who helps people with their end-to-end itinerary planning. As part of my work, I often come across different opportunities to help customers save money. I hope to share some of my findings with the wider public. As usual, in the world of travel hacking, not everything will be shared publicly. Too much public exposure can often undermine the deal we work to get for our customers.

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Porter Airlines Gift Cards from Costco

$500 Porter Airlines gift cards are available on Costco.ca for $449.99. That is a 10% discount.

a screenshot of a gift card

With an ongoing fare war, where Porter is repeatedly offering sales, this is a great way to stack two promotions together to save a lot more money.

Most recently, Porter Airlines offered a 40% off code to email subscribers. While the 40% off coupon was only on the base fare, you can stack that with this gift card saving you nearly 50% off your ticket!

What’s the catch?

There are two catches to be aware of:

  1. Credit Card flight delay and cancellation insurnace will not apply for payments made using a gift card, and,
  2. Buying fully refundable tickets are not worth it. Instead, you should buy fully changeable but non-refundable tickets, as there is no point in receiving a refund back to your credit card.


I am not convinced credit card insurance is worth paying 10% more than just buying a gift card. Especially with the strong regulations in Canada where passengers are compensated for any significant flight delay, I would be more than happy to forgo my credit card insurance to save 10% off Porter Airline tickets.