One of the lesser known features of having a Chase card is Chase Offers. These are special offers that can help save you money on travel and everyday expenses when you use your Chase card. They can also come in handy in helping to justify a mid-tier or premium Chase card’s annual fee.

My Chase Quartet has afforded me some of the best earning opportunities in the industry thanks to the Ultimate Rewards (UR) ecosystem. However, only personal Chase cards are eligible for Chase Offers. Also, these offers do not earn UR points. They simply offer cash back as a statement credit akin to American Express’ cash back cards. Cash back can come either as a percentage of spend or as a set amount.

Furthermore, Chase Offers differ from Amex Offers in that you can stack them. Those who have multiple Chase cards can use offers for the same merchant at different times and receive discounts. You can also split the bill between multiple cards to save all at once. American Express has combated behaviors like this because people took advantage. However, Chase has not done so yet. And its improbable that they will because Chase cards are not the only cards that have access to these offers. Bank of America is an example of an issuer whose cards can also access these offers. Therefore, Bank of America cardholders can benefit from this post too.


Shopping & Dining

These offers are for both everyday and discretionary expenses. They also are also great for restaurants and dining out.


Offer #1: 10% off up to $3.00 cash back

Offer #2: 5% off up to $1.50 cash back (offer received on two cards)

Spend Maximum: $30 (both offers)

Expiration: August 15, 2019

Restrictions: None

Offers like these is where having multiple personal Chase cards comes in handy. I was targeted for three offers that can be used for a total of $90 in Starbucks purchases, which is more than enough for one person. Therefore, savings on these offers total to $6, or 7.5%. The savings one just one offer can be enough for a free cup of tea or coffee.



Offer: 20% off up to $14.00 cash back

Spend Maximum: $70

Expiration: August 3, 2019

Restrictions: None

This offer is better than many business cards’ normal earnings for Staples, including the Chase Ink Business Cash. American Express has given me a similar offer, but its for much less cash back. Moreover, Amex has another Staples offer that offers Membership Rewards (MR) points. But that offer is harder to get.


Pet Smart

Offer #1: 20% off up to $14.00 cash back

Offer #2: 5% off up to $3.50 cash back

Spend Maximum: $70

Expiration: August 17, 2019

Restrictions: Cannot be used at Banfield Pet Hospital, Doggie Day Camp, or for pharmaceutical or veterinary purchases

Both of these offers can be great when stacked together as you will save a total of $17.50. Just remember the restrictions otherwise you will earn a sub-optimal amount of UR points and no cash back.


Yard House

Offer: 20% off up to $8.00 cash back (offered on three cards)

Spend Maximum: $40

Expiration: August 11, 2019

Restrictions: Must only be used at the restaurant

The Yard House is a middle-upscale restaurant chain that serves a plethora of beers and food. This offer will save you 20% with a $40 spend limit. However, the Yard House offer is a common one that appears on many cards, meaning that you can use it on however many cards you have. I have it on three cards, meaning that I can save up to $24 if I spend $120 between the three cards.



Hotel offers are some of Chase’s most lucrative. Combining them with status could help save you hundreds on your next trip.

World of Hyatt

Offer: Save 20% up to $38.00 cash back

Spend Maximum: $190

Expiration: April or May 2019

Restrictions: None

This is probably the best Chase offer I have ever received. I happened to be staying at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale when I received the offer. My Sapphire Reserve (then Preferred) was on file with the hotel and I automatically redeemed it. Finding this offer was like finding $40 on the ground at the hotel.

Unfortunately, this offer expired in the spring. However, it was worth mentioning because it was like found money on my trip. Offers like these don’t always appear with Chase. But they are worth taking advantage of when they do.


W Hotels

Offer: Save 15% when you spend at least $200

Cash Back Maximum: $47

Spend Maximum: $313.33

Expiration: July 21, 2019

Restrictions: Can only be used at domestic properties

This is another example of a great hotel offer that can be used when you’re on vacation or preparing for one. The minimum spend for this offer is $200 and the cash back maximum is $47. The most efficient use of this offer is to spend $313.33 because that is 15% of $47. This spend limit is easy to hit for many W hotels even if you stay just one night.



Offer: Save 5% up to $28.00 cash back

Spend Maximum: $560

Expiration: August 13, 2019

Restrictions: Payment must be made directly with the merchant

AirBnB is a popular alternative to hotels and this offer can save you a little bit when using this newfangled service. 5% can add up if you have a large bill with AirBnB.


Final Draw

Chase Offers are one of my favorite ways to save money on travel and a plethora of other expenses. They come in handy when you truly need them. Remember not to spend too much money just for the sake of getting a Chase offer. While getting the offer feels good in the moment, it is not worth any extra debt incurred. After all, rewards are negated by interest, late fees, and other avoidable fees.

Chase Offers are different from Amex Offers in that they are catered towards more people. The former has more attainable dining, shopping, and everyday expense offers while the latter is catered more towards travel. That is not to say that Chase does not offer travel deals. However, Amex offers more of them.

The offers mentioned in this post are some of my favorites that have been targeted to me. Luckily, many Chase offers reappear with a new expiration date after they expire. This is especially common with dining and shopping deals.