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As you plan your travel, a lot of Amex Offers that are still running can provide you with a great opportunity to get some cash back or valuable Membership Rewards points.


I’ve saved close to $1,000 with Amex Offers on just one card!


Amex offers provide a great opportunity to earn cash back or Membership Rewards points for purchases made on a linked American Express card. These offers are loaded into your account and are visible on the main screen after logging in.


In order to use Amex Offers, you need to add these offers your card. Simply press the ‘add to card’ button in order to add the offer to your card. Once you add the offer, simply use the card at that merchant. If your purchase meets the requirements, you will receive the statement credit or membership rewards points.


Certain Amex offers are targeted to certain cardholders, based on a variety of factors like the type of card, spending pattern and so on. Please note that the list below may not be comprehensive as different readers may be targeted with different types of offers.


Below is a list of all the offers available to help you kickstart your travel plans. I’ve sorted these offers by their expiration date.

Offer Brand Spend Requirement Cashback/Points Expiration Date
Carnival Cruise Line $350 7,500 Points August 19, 2019
Carnival Cruise Line $350 $75 August 19, 2019
Turo $150 4,500 Points August 20, 2019
MGM Resorts $500 10,000 Points August 29, 2019
MGM Resorts – Select Destinations $300 $60 August 29, 2019
MGM Resorts Las Vegas $500 $100 August 29, 2019
Oceania Cruises $500 15,000 Points August 30, 2019
Oceania Cruises $500 $150 August 30, 2019
Fontainebleau Miami Beach $250 $50 August 31, 2019
Park N fly $75 $15 September 2, 2019
Wynn Las Vegas/Encore Las Vegas $300 6,000 Points September 3, 2019
Caesars Entertainment $200 4,000 Points September 3, 2019
Caesars Entertainment $200 $40 September 3, 2019
Wynn Las Vegas/Encore Las Vegas $300 $60 September 3, 2019
Groundlink.com $150 $50 September 5, 2019
Peninsula Hotels – US, Paris, Tokyo $500 $100 September 5, 2019
Omni Hotels & Resorts $250 $50 September 9, 2019
Omni Hotels and Resorts $250 $50 September 9, 2019
Caribe Royale Orlando $250 $50 September 18, 2019
Hotelstorm.com $300 $75 September 20, 2019
Hotel Zaza $500 $100 September 30, 2019
Hilton Hotels (Select brands in Europe) $500 $100 September 30, 2019
Kimpton Hotels $300 $60 September 30, 2019
Tripfuel.com (3x) $200 $50 February 8, 2020


I love the Amex Offers program. I’ve used Amex offers to great effect in order to save money and earn valuable cash back and membership rewards points.

Which offers have you been targeted for? Which offer have you found used and found really valuable? Let us know in the comments section.

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