The JetBlue & American Northeast Alliance began in the first quarter of 2021. It allowed them to codeshare, swap gates/slots, and have reciprocal frequent flyer benefits between their AAdvantage and Mosaic programs. In September 2021, the Department of Juice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit blocking the alliance. They argued that it was bad for consumers as it stifled competition. The judge ultimately ruled in favor of the DOJ in May 2023.

The Scoop:

American is moving forward with an appeal to the ruling, but JetBlue is not, as they are looking forward to focusing on their merger with Spirit. Therefore, American and JetBlue have each announced today that:

  • New codeshare flights (that’s American-operated flights booked on JetBlue, or vice-versa) will not be available for purchase after July 20th, 2023.
  • Customers will have until July 20th to update any existing American booking with a TrueBlue member number or an existing JetBlue booking with an AAdvantage member number to earn miles/points.
  • AAdvantage and Mosaic Members will continue to enjoy reciprocal elite perks. (Provided your TrueBlue or AAdvantage number was added to the reservation no later than July 20th, 2023).

I am really going to miss the reciprocal elite perks offered. This year, I have flown on JetBlue numerous times (most recently to Martha’s Vineyard). I got Even More Space seats at check-in with my American AAdvantage Gold Status on all my JetBlue flights this year.

American Northeast Alliance

The Verdict:

I’m super bummed that this is happening. I enjoyed being able to fly JetBlue and credit my flights to American to gain loyalty perks on JetBlue and earn miles on American. This definitely puts a damper on my American elite status and will make me reevaluate my plans for the next elite status year. Make sure to add your frequent flyer numbers by July 20th if you want to credit miles/get reciprocal elite perks to the partner program.


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