There is a lot to love about Ryanair. No matter where you want to go in Europe, there will virtually always be a Ryanair airport nearby. The low fares airline has made travel very accessible, but for some they are the airline of last resort.

It’s surprising people think that way when you consider they are the most popular airline by passengers carried. They are also an investor’s darling as they are usually extremely profitable. Win, win, win all round.

An Airline Of Last Resort

Recently I decided to knock the last Irish domestic route off my to do list and flew Ryanair from Kerry to Dublin. This recent activity flagged me for a passenger survey.

I usually always take the time to do customer surveys sent out by airlines post flight. I like to see the questions they’re asking, as sometimes they’re taking a sneaky temperature check to decide on a new product or service. Plus, I think my feedback is worth it!

Ryanair’s survey was pretty standard for the most part, until I came to this question, which made me grin. So much so that I had to take a screenshot for posterity.

Yes folks, to the question of how often did you choose Ryanair in the last two years, they had the answer option “Ryanair is my last resort”. I found it hilarious because it spot on matches my feelings… and I’ve never seen an airline use such a direct negative answer in a survey before!

Overall Thoughts

Look, I have nothing against Ryanair at all. They are well priced, have a perfect safety record and get you where you need to go – usually on time too. I have flown with them 40 times in 16 years and they are my fourth most flown airline. I know, shocking!!

All of that being said, they are my last resort as I prefer other airlines and have a strong bromance with my frequent flyer card. The Irish based airline and its colourful CEO can be quite polarising at times, but we would all be a lot worse off without them.

What do you think about Ryanair? Are you a fan and fly them all the time all over Europe? Or will you only fly them if you have to? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alan Wilson via Wikimedia Commons.