Royal Jordanian are a member of the oneworld alliance and they are currently offering an interesting sale. People who book Royal Jordanian flights using their mobile app will receive 15% off their fare.

Jordan is a wonderful country to visit, with friendly people and great sights. I have used RJ to visit Amman and also as part of longer onward journeys and have found their business class to be quite good.

Royal Jordanian Flights Sale

Discovering a sale on LinkedIn is something a bit different, but that is exactly how I found this one. When logging in to check something, the below ad was staring into my face.

As you can see, it covers bookings made up to 5 February 2020 for travel from 1 March to 30 November 2020. It’s not a bad saving when all you need to do is download the mobile app and book through it.

Does It Work?

Attempting to make it work yesterday ended in failure. The web price on flights from London to Amman and back was precisely the same as the price I was seeing on the app. However, I know IT is often imperfect, so I tried again.

Naturally I tried business class, because often sales are restricted to economy class. Not in this case though! Above are the web prices for a return journey from Amman to London and back in April. Business Plus is JOD 1,117.63 on the outbound and JOD 1,272.85 on the return.

On the mobile app, the Business Plus fares are JOD 1,014.42 and 1,169.55 respectively. This brings the total price down from JOD 2,390.48 to JOD 2,183.97. Now a straight 15% discount would bring it down to JOD 2,031.91, so why is it not as much as it should be? My guess is the discount applies to the base fare but not the taxes and charges. Standard airline practice!

One thing to note is that the Business Flex fare has zero discount applied. It makes sense as, if you’re going for the cheap fare, the Business Plus is going to be cheaper all the time, so why discount the flexible fare? Even so, for any booking I would make sure to check the web fare to make sure the price you are selecting on mobile is actually discounted.

Overall Thoughts

If you are going to be booking Royal Jordanian flights in the near future that fit the travel period you’d be crazy not to save some money and use their app. It’s a free download from the app store, so there’s really no reason not to.

While it is a shame not to see a complete 15% off – and I was hoping – airlines always apply discounts to the base fare. It’s a bit like when you get a bonus at work. That €200 they are delighted to give you is not €200 anymore once it hits your bank account!

Will you be booking Royal Jordanian flights via their app to save some money? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Mark Harkin via Wikimedia Commons.